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Born between: March 21st - April 19th

Aries often are active people with great dynamics which allows them to be brave and therefore inspiring to others. Often hot headed those born under Aries will be strong-willed, determined and life-long friends.

Today you're likely focused on sex, romance, and committed relationships. The planetary energies surrounding love are promising, Aries. If you're in a relationship, you and your partner could make plans to embark on a new enterprise together, which is likely to succeed. If you're involved but not committed, expect the relationship to move forward now. If you aren't with someone, who knows? By the end of the day you might be.
You might want to stay in and not speak to anyone today, Aries. If you decide to put on your facemask and go out for some exercise, you could run into opposition wherever you turn. Don't see this as negative. Use it as incentive to work harder toward your goals. There are strong forces egging you on, so act confidently. Find a way to release your pent-up emotions, or they'll do you more harm than good.
Today you'll feel as though your energy has come home, Aries. Living in lockdown has played into your tendency to hide at home when you aren't feeling 100 percent yourself. While lockdown might still be with us, you're now feeling much better and ready to take on the world. Your emotions are in line with your actions, and that brings great clarity. You know the route you want to take. The path is obvious.
Keep yourself open to all the possibilities that the day brings, Aries. You'll be surprised at the incredible opportunities that come your way when you stop judging people and their actions. This is a time to be humorous and social (from an appropriate distance). Keep things light, and remember to keep a healthy perspective on any situation. Words will go a long way today, so make sure to use them with great care.
You mustn't expect any enormous changes today, Aries. However, the process you began three or four years ago will accelerate slightly. You're changing the moorings of your identity, the ideas that make you sure of who you are. Your family, background, and education no longer count as much as your spiritual foundations. Don't be afraid of this shift. Go with it.
Your thinking is quite clear, Aries, and you'll find that your emotions support your mental processes. Your psychic nature is also strong, so you should trust any hunch you have. The masculine and feminine sides of your being are working together harmoniously to balance out the degree of give versus take in your world. The key at the moment is to not take on as your own other people's problems.
The tide will start to ebb today just after it reaches its highest point. There is a pause now, Aries, and you'll find that things are about to pick up considerably again. The shift that's happening within you is profound. Even though you may not notice its effects all at once, you should trust that things will be coming your way as the weeks go by.
Focus on your creative mind, Aries. This is a very fertile time for planting hearty seeds that will be sure to grow up healthy and strong. You have the ability to be very prosperous, but it certainly won't come easily. The key for you is to maintain your cool. Don't overreact to the little annoyances that come your way. You're above petty squabbles, so don't waste your time on them.
You're almost certainly in a phase of psychological transformation, Aries, and there have recently been major changes in your circle of friends and associates. Today provides an opportunity to assess just where you are and how far you've come. For instance, you could be introduced to a new team that compels you to display your talents. For an extrovert like you, this is right up your alley.
Tension may be a bit high in just about everyone and everything you encounter today, Aries. Some will feel a strong need for stability and discipline. Others may be calling for fun and carefree frivolity. You could be caught in the middle. The worst thing is that no side, including your own, is going to want to compromise. Try not to take things too seriously.
This is your day to shine in many respects, Aries. The action you take is right on target, so draw back your arrow as far as you can before letting it fly. There is a quiet strength to your being that comes out occasionally. When it does, people will note it for miles around. Today gives you the opportunity to display your incredible strength and passion to the world. Don't hold back.
If you find your companions a bit too stodgy, today is the day to jostle them out of complacency. You may enjoy experimenting with a bit of naughtiness. For example, how will the people around you react if you flout certain social taboos, such as talking openly about sex? Since you're comfortable with the subject, why not have fun stretching the limits of convention?
This is your day to shine, Aries. Everyone else may be squirming under the prevailing energy of the day, but you should be perfectly equipped to deal with any events that come your way. Despite the intense fluctuations in your general mood, things are on the upswing. You'll find that matters will eventually come around your way. All the hard work you've put in lately is starting to pay off.
Try not to worry too much today, Aries. Take care of details and work to get things accomplished. Check things off your list and you'll feel much better about yourself and the direction you're headed. Keep your eyes open and try not to have tunnel vision on every issue. Give people the benefit of the doubt instead of the third degree. Concentrate on what you need to do.
It has been fairly easy for you to detect the truth behind the situations you've encountered lately. However, beginning today, your analytical abilities won't be so reliable. The ups and downs of your relationships puzzle you in particular, and no amount of analysis yields a solution. A certain lack of commitment from other people will stir doubt, and you'll begin to wonder if you're truly appreciated and understood.
It will be a stimulating day for you, Aries! You'll feel great and have no trouble channeling all your energy into your activities. But don't be surprised if you encounter some resistance. As creative as your ideas are, they may not suit everyone. In fact, you could be confronted with some rebelliousness. Be persuasive and you'll get your way today.
You'll find that you have a much better than usual connection with the people around you, Aries. Your psychic sense is acute, and you should use this sixth sense to pick up things that other people might miss. Don't let the busy chatter of the day disrupt your connection with deeper thoughts and ideas. People are more malleable today than usual.
Are you thinking of switching careers, Aries, or traveling to the other side of the world? Perhaps you just want to pull a “Greta Garbo” and stay home with the shades drawn tight. A series of small incidents you've recently experienced at work is likely to inspire the most outlandish ideas. It must be that you sense your need for a change of scene.
Today is an ideal day to shop for a new wardrobe, Aries. You may find your usual style either too conventional or uncomfortably trendy. Often when you're out shopping, you'll reject an item you really like for fear that it's too suggestive or old fashioned. Perhaps you should listen to your own judgment for a change instead of being so concerned with what other people might think.
With today's planetary energy, you'll find yourself a little more extraverted than usual, Aries. You'll finally be able to say what you really think about things. It's an important change for you, and you'll find that expressing your ideas and beliefs is a great help in reaching all your goals in life.
Today you might want to spend time visiting friends in your neighborhood, Aries. Small purchases might be necessary, perhaps new clothes, perhaps objects that improve or add beauty to your home. You might have to squeeze a few errands in between visits. At some point during the day, you can expect a very welcome phone call from a friend you haven't heard from in a long time. Enjoy!
A challenging day is in store for you, Aries. If you're part of a group or team or simply among friends, you may feel somewhat ill at ease. Could it be that you instill jealousy in others? There's only one way to find out. Clear the air by saying what needs to be said. State it clearly and directly and you'll eliminate any bad feelings among your group.
Why not go directly to the heart of the problem, Aries? This could be the question you've been asking yourself concerning a commitment to a cause that's important to you. Even if your life seems too far removed to support this cause, this just might be the time to make the leap. In any case, these kinds of leaps of faith tend to occur during days with this kind of planetary energy.
You're visionary and progressive today, Aries, despite what people may say about your tendency to be conservative. You could easily come up with an effective way to help people. For some reason, practical problems are easy for you to solve. Don't pay any attention to the idle and ineffective chatter of intellectuals.
Overall, the forecast for today is fairly good. The aspects seem to favor figuring out the meaning of all thats transpired over the past several weeks. Its an opportunity for you to take a leisurely look at the distance youve covered moving toward your goals. Since its an auspicious day for social activities, why not get together with friends and discuss the latest events with them?

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