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Born between: Nov 22nd - Dec 21st

Often bitten by the travel bug those born under the Sagittarius sign are independent and always have a optimistic stance on life. However they need to be patient to not expect miracles while chasing their next positive outcome.

Powerful encounters mark the early part of the day as the Moon in your seventh house clashes with Saturn and Neptune. There's passion of one kind or another with partners, friends or close associates. You may come to an impasse or make a new beginning. Do something special with your loved ones to bring new possibilities and patterns into your lives on this, the extra day of the year! Uplifting colors are golden peach and plum. Lucky numbers are 28 and 30.
There's a glitch in discussions or a hitch regarding plans or schedules today. This may arise unexpectedly, necessitating further consideration. Be flexible and ride around any obstacles - the trick is not to get flustered. The problem will pass as suddenly as it came. Someone has a bright idea regarding your home. Unusual communications may come from, or to, a family member. Serene colors are dark amethyst and silky grey. Lucky numbers are 9 and 13.
There's a glitch in discussions or a hitch regarding plans or schedules today. This may arise unexpectedly, necessitating further consideration. Be flexible and ride around any obstacles - the trick is not to get flustered. The problem will pass as suddenly as it came. Someone has a bright idea regarding your home. Unusual communications may come from, or to, a family member. Serene colors are dark amethyst and silky grey. Lucky numbers are 9 and 13.
There's a glitch in discussions or a hitch regarding plans or schedules today. This may arise unexpectedly, necessitating further consideration. Be flexible and ride around any obstacles - the trick is not to get flustered. The problem will pass as suddenly as it came. Someone has a bright idea regarding your home. Unusual communications may come from, or to, a family member. Serene colors are dark amethyst and silky grey. Lucky numbers are 9 and 13.
Slow down to talk over emotional and domestic matters. You may have been putting off family discussions recently since there was no time. Mars now brings added enthusiasm. OK so you'll be a bit competitive. Just don't get furious if someone at home disagrees with you. Stand back and be creative about the differences. Enjoy the challenge. Communicative colors are sepia and off white. Lucky numbers are 5 and 28.
The Moon moves through Taurus and your solar sixth house so it will be back to the simple routines of the day. Try and maintain a good balance between work and health. Some exercise and good eating will help to round out a busy day. You may begin to feel a little tired or under par as The day wears on so give yourself some time for relaxation. Express yourself creatively and watch out for health problems. Benign colors are powder blue and velvet blue. Lucky number is 27.
Be careful of breakdowns especially where vehicles or appliances are concerned. Communication and travel schedules may be interrupted or subject to delays. If you're dependent on overseas connections, there are likely to be problems. This configuration indicates a break or change with a cycle of communication and the rhythm of the day may be erratic. Protective colors are maroon and yellow ochre. Lucky numbers are 5 and 28.
Keep your foot on the brake and not on the accelerator, as the Moon in Aries clashes with underworld Pluto, the lord of wealth. There are problems involving money, lifestyle matters or children -- or any combination thereof. The important thing is that you demonstrate patience and restraint, for which your sign is hardly legend. Don't push ahead without checking the ground beneath your feet. Earthy colors are ginger and lemon. Lucky numbers are 15 and 38.
With today's shifting influences, you may start proceedings in a relaxed manner, letting things take care of themselves. However, as time marches on, you go from taking it easy into a stronger working focus. Little jobs and the attention to detail they demand will become important. Health matters may be a concern so try to slot in some exercise and a good, nutritious meal. Grounding colors are sunflower yellow and jet black. Lucky numbers are 23 and 35.
Differences of opinion or beliefs could see you at loggerheads with friends or associates. Test the waters to see how serious the situation is. It's actually wiser to step back from any conflict today. Where are you really going in your life? Friends and money don't mix well: don't lend money if you can possibly help it. Admirable colors are carnelian and citrine. Lucky numbers are 15 and 24.
The New Moon comes in Pisces in conjunction with mysterious Neptune. This marks dramatic developments with home life or emotional life -- with either a positive outcome, or a reversal of conditions. There certainly will be excitement! The home will not be a place of peaceful bliss just for the moment but it will settle in time. Expansive colors are brick red and bottle green. Lucky number is 4.
The Moon dances through Aquarius and your solar third house, asking you to be on your mettle with all communications. Be the one that comes up with the bright idea, the one that suggests a new or unusual approach. The company of good friends will be important to you today, simply because you may need to use them as a sounding board. You may receive a communication from an unexpected source or travel unexpectedly. Invigorating colors are blossom pink and apple. Lucky numbers are 8 and 13.
The Sun moves into Pisces and your solar fourth house, travelling there over the next four weeks. For many centaurs, there are changes with regard to domestic and emotional conditions on the cards in the next few years and this period could bring them to the forefront. Navigate whatever new course opens up for you. When opportunity knocks, accept the changes that come with it. Intuitive colors are dusty brown and charcoal. Lucky numbers are 3 and 25.
You're coming to some kind of change in status or position with regard to your finances and you should be looking to secure a long term change. Changes with regard to work or professional matters are pointing you in a new or different direction and there could be dealings with people of status or authority that have some bearing on this situation. Be organized, clear and precise with all things financial. Secure colors are caramel and lime. Lucky numbers are 2 and 20.
The Moon moves through Capricorn and your solar second house today so money matters will be on your mind. This is a time to do your budget and check your personal spending. Rein it in if you find you're living with the extravagance for which your sign is known. Organize your money along clear and practical lines and you will benefit in the long term. Look at a savings plan. Providential colors are tangerine and soft pink. Lucky numbers are 7 and 28.
The Moon, Mars and Jupiter are at odds today, so remember to lighten up. Conflict can be resolved by negotiation rather than forcing the issue. Later in the day Mercury promises excellent news on the home front or in real estate. If you have been negotiating a financial deal, it should soon pay off. Relaxing colors are wild mint and orange. Lucky numbers are 27 and 38.
After a day or two in the doldrums, you'll be bubbling with enthusiasm as the Moon soars through your sign. Why not look after yourself, or even indulge a bit? Give some time to children or family. Whatever you do, make sure that it's fun for all concerned. This could also be a good time to catch up on some sleep. Of course, if you want a lazy day, that can work too. Fun colors are bottle green and ginger. Lucky numbers are 6 and 28.
Dreams and visions could be disturbing, but if you take the time to analyze them, you'll find they're a great tool for personal and spiritual growth. Surround yourself with things and people that comfort you and avoid negative places. Real estate transactions, matters related to home or property, family business, and correspondence or short trips to visit relatives are coming up. Have you thought about collecting and restoring family heirlooms? Why not gather information on your genealogy or family history, or visit your childhood home. Fortunate colors are midnight blue and sunset pink. Lucky numbers are 22 and 31.
The Moon moves through Scorpio your twelfth house, striking out at mighty Jupiter as she does so. Take refuge from the stress or inconvenience of things going wrong. Work may be trying because of mistakes or through difficulties with co-workers and health may be a problem. Muster your resources and energies and push through to the next level. The harmony between Mercury and Saturn will support your efforts. If you need to dig deeper into shared resources or your credit facilities, now's the time to do so. Protective colors are purple and pearl. Lucky numbers are 12 and 15.
The day starts out on a high note, so Archers in tune with the cosmos will dance their way through the day! If you begin to feel uneasy tonight, not to worry, it's just the beginning of your lunar low cycle, which may drain your energy. This is Nature's way of telling you to slow down and recharge your spiritual batteries. You may want to schedule time for a long bubble bath or a massage from your partner tonight. Favorable colors are light tan and purple sage. Lucky numbers are 3 and 11.
The Moon continues her sojourn in Libra and your solar eleventh house today, urging you to find the cooperative spirit and work in with the interests of friends and associates. The shared aim or goal will find you at your best and benefit you most in the long run. You may meet unusual or interesting people, especially women. Flow along with them and their ideas and see what you can learn. Favorable colors are autumn gold and garnet. Lucky numbers are 24 and 39.
The Moon surfs into Libra and your solar eleventh house of friends, hopes and wishes. Seek out friends and companions today, especially those whose advice you can rely on or trust. You may be considering weighty matters about your direction or what you really want. There may be an important change coming up that you need to evaluate. Experienced people have something to offer. Harmonious colors are amber and silver. Lucky numbers are 27 and 39.
Romance and recreation call, so make sure you take time out to enjoy yourself. Work on creative projects, but don't fight with co- workers. Mars and Mercury clash so communications and daily routines could be subject to change or disruption. Don't act in haste. Travel with care. Calming colors are peach and lavender. Lucky numbers are 14 and 29.
The marvellous Moon awakens expansive Jupiter today, testing Pluto in your money house. Superb serves of solid luck are in the wind, but If eruptions over your responsibilities or dealings with authorities emerge, keep a cool head and negotiate any difficult situations rather than flying off the handle. It's time for major decisions with regard to career matters or your general role in things. Fortunate colors are royal blue and rich red. Lucky numbers are 6 and 23.
The bold Moon comes to the Full in Leo and your solar ninth house, testing the Sun and Mercury, bringing issues to a head that may change the course of your travels. Communications could be tricky or confusing, so watch that you mean what you say and understand what is being said. Take care while travelling. Your dreams may be blocked, as Saturn turns. For some, there may be inspiration. For others, uncertainty. Tread carefully. Prudent colors are chartreuse and chocolate brown. Lucky numbers are 24 and 27.
The presence of the Moon in your ninth house of travel and adventure may have you running here and there today. You may want to sit down and plan your day before you leave the house; the more organized you can be, the better the day will go. In fact, the sooner you return home, the better. With the life-giving Sun in your fourth house of home and family, it is time to tend to your personal life. Polarizing colors are tan and olive green. Lucky numbers are 28 and 3.
The Moon clashes with disruptive Uranus, bringing upsets or interruptions to your relationships through unexpected developments. A surprise turn of events or a change of circumstance may catch you off guard or cause you to make adjustments. Some may encounter someone who has a disturbing or unusual effect. Others may be listless or out of sorts. Work around the problems. Serene colors are tangerine and pale orange. Lucky numbers are 5 and 26.
Financial matters may be on your mind as the gorgeous Moon sails through Cancer and your solar eighth house. If you're tempted to push the envelope of your spending, resist. It will be all too easy to go over the top. There may be complex financial dealings involving older people, estate matters or those in authority. Understand what's going on and then negotiate a position for yourself. Practical colors are shocking pink and sky blue. Lucky numbers are 8 and 19.
Prepare for a move of cosmic dimension as Neptune heads into Pisces for a very long stay. Elements of confusion, disorientation or unreality arise, connected with your self-image. You may be unsure of how to satisfy your ego demands or where to direct your willpower. Swirling emotions are just not your cup of tea. A gradual erosion of ideas concerning home, family and childhood conditioning should be guarded against. Caution is vital when dealing with the real estate or domestic marketplace. Don't be deceived by family members in months ahead either.More on Neptune in Pisces. Fortunate colors are terracotta and olive. Lucky numbers are 19 and 38.
The Sun and Mercury in Aquarius and your solar third house produce an interesting encounter. Explore what this opens up. Communications may move or stimulate you. If you feel uncertain about what you're trying to do or say, seek some benefit through the ideas or views of friends or associates. Your significant other will be chatty and helpful. Radiant colors are almond and wine red. Lucky numbers are 12 and 37.
The lively Moon is in Gemini and your solar seventh house, clashing with Pluto and Neptune. Expect an intense exchange of views or feelings with partners or close associates today. For some, the intensity of feeling will lead to a passionate encounter. For others, there could be a fireworks display. Make sure you work your way through any issues that occur. Intense colors are violet and crimson. Lucky numbers are 25 and 34.