Gemini's Horoscopes |



Born between: May 21st - June 20th

Adaptability is a Gemini's greatest strength which has positives for the workplace. Whilst their affection and imagination provides more great qualities; the negative of a Gemini is that they can be pessimism however they thrive on others optimistic nature.

If there's tension, talk things through and ease the situation. If there's passion, then be passionate and give in to the feelings of the moment. Do something special on this extra day of the year, something that sets a pattern for the changes you'd like to make. With the Moon bubbling in your sign, clashing with deceptive Neptune, there may be some intensity of feeling with family and career issues. Passionate colors are scarlet and blue sapphire. Lucky numbers are 9 and 27.
Mercury under pressure in Pisces and your solar tenth house brings an element of unpredictability to professional dealings or interactions with authorities. Sudden changes or realizations mean things may go for you or against you, but the trick is not to worry. Just ride things out and absorb what is useful. What tests you will pass as quickly as it came. Earthy colors are green onyx and black onyx. Lucky numbers are 25 and 39.
Sudden Changes
Mercury under pressure in Pisces and your solar tenth house brings an element of unpredictability to professional dealings or interactions with authorities. Sudden changes or realizations mean things may go for you or against you, but the trick is not to worry. Just ride things out and absorb what is useful. What tests you will pass as quickly as it came. Earthy colors are green onyx and black onyx. Lucky numbers are 25 and 39.
Sudden Changes
Mercury under pressure in Pisces and your solar tenth house brings an element of unpredictability to professional dealings or interactions with authorities. Sudden changes or realizations mean things may go for you or against you, but the trick is not to worry. Just ride things out and absorb what is useful. What tests you will pass as quickly as it came. Earthy colors are green onyx and black onyx. Lucky numbers are 25 and 39.
Your career and ambitions are concerning you at the moment and as I said, the next couple of weeks are ripe to put foundations in place, if you think things through carefully first. Don't be afraid to ask for advice because there are people around you who would be delighted to help -- they just wouldn't dare unless you ask! Never forget, the best way to a new job or career is education or brushing up on old skills. Auspicious colors are rusty red and dark plum. Lucky numbers are 1 and 40.
The Moon cruises through Taurus and your solar twelfth house today, asking you to step back from the business of life and reflect on what's really important. Creative and spiritual matters need to take precedence. You need time to look at the inner self and see how you're actually feeling. You may want to consider your beliefs and ask yourself how much they determine what you do. Soothing colors are cinnamon and coffee. Lucky numbers are 7 and 39.
If there's anything or anyone you need to break from in order to keep good health, now's the time to do so. Change habits and patterns where exercise and diet are concerned. If the company you're keeping doesn't allow you to do what's right, then it's time for a change there too. Beneficial colors are marigold and honey. Lucky numbers are 35 and 44.
The Moon and Pluto clash today, bringing pressure to bear on how you're going to achieve your goals. Financial stresses lie right at the core of the issues, so you have to pull one out of the bag to solve any problems. Some may not be solvable so you may have to change tack. This is not a day to mix friendship and money. Prudent colors are clay and dark green. Lucky numbers are 9 and 27.
Lady Moon begins the day in Pisces but ends it in Aries, clashing with sober Saturn. You may feel duty bound to complete something, but will finally break from your tasks and seek the company of friends. Enjoy yourself in the evening. Make sure you socialize or do something that provides the stimulation so necessary for your sign. There may be a problem or a delay with seeing someone. Balancing colors are burnt orange and cloudy blue. Lucky numbers are 11 and 31.
Pressures at work may cause an atmosphere that will affect partners or home life. Conversely, there may be difficulties with your nearest and dearest that affect your working situation. If there's an intrusion of someone in authority into your life, stay calm. Don't let ego interfere with your acceptance of ideas, methods, or information; progress is possible. Favourable colors are apricot and aubergine. Lucky numbers are 39 and 43.
The New Moon meets deceptive Neptune in Pisces, your solar tenth house. Changes are afoot with regard to professional matters -- a lift or change of circumstance, bringing a puzzling shift with responsibilities. Watch for peculiar changes or reactions in bosses or those in authority and you may have a shift in your duties. Favorable colors are garnet and carnelian. Lucky numbers are 12 and 25.
The adventurous Moon zips through Aquarius bringing an urge to adventure and freedom. You may want to charge off with a few friends in tow and look for somewhere interesting to go. Try a new foreign restaurant or take in a foreign film. Perhaps it's just a matter of getting in the car and driving to the wide open spaces. Adventurous colors are royal purple and peach. Lucky numbers are 36 and 41.
As the Sun moves into Pisces and your solar tenth house, your focus will be career or vocation. Pay attention to your responsibilities over the next month and make sure you get all the set tasks done. You may have necessary dealings with people in authority. You yourself may have to take authority in a situation, so be attentive to those who rely on you. Providential colors are pearl and fuchsia. Lucky number is 42.
This is a good day to look within and come to grips with the complex workings of that changeable nature of yours. The Sun and Saturn harmonize, enabling you to see into the emotional roots of your situation. There may be financial benefit through an emotional or family link, but you need to put money to work with regard to your home situation. Beneficial colors are coral pink and champagne. Lucky numbers are 39 and 44.
You may have to examine your financial situation, especially where the credit card or overdraft is concerned. Keep the spending to a minimum. Talk to someone who can help you plan or organize your strategies. You may chafe at the restraint this imposes, but be patient and cautious. Advantageous colors are turquoise and brick red. Lucky numbers are 38 and 40.
Partners or close associates might like to make the running today. Romantic possibilities are there for those with partners, but there could also be tension to be resolved. Make sure you do what's required. This is not a day to avoid the issues. Communications may come from overseas. What comes from afar may be enticing. Lucky colors are canary yellow and ice blue. Lucky numbers are 37 and 43.
With the Moon sizzling in Sagittarius and your solar seventh house, you could spend the day in the company or even the arms of someone you love. Make the most of your nearest and dearest. Have an adventure. You could just wander off into the sunset, arm in arm and enjoy the freedom of being together. If there's anything that needs resolving between you, do so. Togetherness is the key. Companionable colors are indigo and cerise. Lucky numbers are 15 and 32.
Mercury the divine Messenger skips into intuitive Pisces today then bumps into Neptune, powerful Lord of the Sea. Your imagination is on fire so get out there and share your knowledge and skills. You may seek information concerning spirituality, mysticism or the occult. Other discussions and activities relate to charitable institutions, prisons, or hospitals. Travel now may involve going by water or over water. Fortunate colors are cobalt blue and white stripes. Lucky numbers are 24 and 37.
Work and health are on the agenda as the Moon moves through Scorpio and your solar sixth house now. If you're putting in the work but not moving forward, you're not on track. The old adage 'cut your coat according to your cloth' is good advice. Be simple and purposeful and don't waste time with things that get no practical results. Radiant colors are vibrant yellow and dusky brown. Lucky numbers are 14 and 28.
Nothing will appear less attractive to you than the predictable today, dear Gemini. With the Sun, Moon and Mercury in harmony, it's the perfect day to court people and activities that will inject some excitement into your life. Exercise that bright intellect. There is stimulating news on the way. Someone you meet when you undertake a new challenge will add a sparkle to the day. Stimulating colors are emerald and neon. Lucky numbers are 5 and 9.
If you have a favourite creative pursuit, now's the time to get to work on it. Whether it's that novel you've never finished, a visual project or an art or craft you love , get going. You can derive great satisfaction from expressing your creative side today. If work or obligations won't allow it, then steal a few moments to daydream or fantasize about what you'd most like to do. Pleasurable colors are scarlet and sapphire. Lucky numbers are 6 and 21.
It may be a working day but the Moon in Libra calls you to romance, recreation and enjoyment as she sails through your solar fifth house. For Twins who have their freedom, make the most of some good old-fashioned leisure and pleasant company. For Gems who are bound by routine, take a little extra time for a nice meal or stimulating conversation. Give the evening to romance if you possibly can. Playful colors are shocking pink and powder blue. Lucky numbers are 5 and 9.
As Mercury the Messenger clashes with Warrior Mars you might be feeling impatient and a bit testy. Get on with the business of the day, as you'll have plenty of energy for that. Curb any tendencies towards excessive speed as they will probably bring you up against something hard or sharp. You'll have plenty of instant responses and good ideas but the follow through could be weak. Protective colors are russet red and autumn brown. Lucky numbers are 11 and 14.
The Moon in your solar fourth house dances with fortunate Jupiter, so your domestic and emotional life will be buoyant or changeable. Tension with co-workers may bug you, so you need to resolve these difficulties if you can. Venus moves into Aries as well, so the next month will see you making the most of your friendships and even forming some exciting new connections. Now is the time to find out what you really want! Beneficial colors are shell pink and plum. Lucky numbers are 4 and 21.
The Moon comes blazing to the Full in fiery Leo, illuminating your solar third and ninth houses of communication. There are strong forces at work, and for some Twins this may lead to a shift of ideas or beliefs. Some Geminians who've been searching for a new way or path suddenly find that things become clear at last. Be careful if travelling as there may be unforeseen events and consequences. Lucky colors are sparkling peach and pearl. Lucky numbers are 25 and 36.
The passing Moon activates your third house of communication, awakening confusing Neptune and stimulating Uranus. This may create an information overload. If you attend an important class or meeting, be sure to take notes. It will be all too easy to mix up messages under these influences, especially if you are taking any kind of medication. Go slowly and pay attention. Energizing colors are sky blue and lemon. Lucky numbers are 27 and 50.
Matters of conviction are important today and you may have to make decisions based on clashes between your own beliefs and the beliefs of others. This may set you apart, but it's important to gain inner strength by acting or speaking up for what's right, instead of just letting things slip by. You may lose a connection but you'll gain something important within. Favorable colors are olive green and avocado. Lucky numbers are 9 and 30.
The Moon cruises through Cancer and your solar second house today so money and budgeting will be on the agenda. Don't think that you need to do anything clever or earth-shattering. Just get your daily finances organized effectively. As the sages say, take care of the cents and the dollars will take care of themselves. Your sign is inclined to be open-handed with money and you need to learn to be careful. Prudent colors are peppermint and white. Lucky numbers are 13 and 39.
The Moon's still in Gemini, so you are still full of wisecracks, but today marks a subtle change in your attitudes to your long range goals. King Neptune, moving out of the intellectual realms of Aquarius will be waving his wand in Pisces for a long time to come. Love (or at least fantasy) will be found among the Great and Good, so be ready for some sensual pleasure behind the filing cabinet. This can also mean you are more inspirational to others, more idealistic, spiritual and altruistic. A cosmic mood shift underscores your ambitions, but this is a subtle shift, and will become clearer in months ahead. More on Neptune in Pisces. Soothing colors are glass green and honey. Lucky numbers are 16 and 28.
Different influences set different directions, but it's not unusual for the Twins to be pulled two different ways. The Moon in Gemini calls you to have fun and be your shining self, while the Sun and Mercury in Aquarius call you out and away, into the wilds or off on an adventure somewhere. On the other hand Saturn is a little grumpy, calling you to restrain your ego and work steadily on your goals, whether in love, or in career. You'll have to decide which one wins, the head or the heart. I know where my money is... Beneficial colors are poppy red and cherry blossom. Lucky numbers are 25 and 27.
Mercury clashes with retro Mars today, bringing tension with family members. Your best strategy will be to negotiate any important differences of opinion and listen to what's being said on the other side. If you don't take the views of others into account, things will end in conflict. For some Twins passion is definitely in the stars. For others, a brick wall -- just don't hit it head on. Propitious colors are red coral and leaf green. Lucky numbers are 6 and 23.