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Born between: April 20th - May 20th

Those with the Taurus sign are perfect partners in friendship and love as they're loving, loyal and understanding. However those born under the Taurus sign at times can be stubborn but always are patient and generous.

Introspection is needed as you choose next year's path and bid the year farewell. The only boundaries are those you set yourself. Let someone else have their way, and surprise the daylights out of them: the paddock is big enough to accommodate others too. Bulls are tenacious and hard working, but stubbornness is your downfall. Make New Year's resolutions that are within your grasp and give thanks to the Universe for the many blessings that you have. Pleasure-loving Taurus can party hard tonight! Favorable colors are gold and rust. Lucky numbers are 15 and 27.
Some sort of compromise is needed, as the sensitive Moon clashes with tender Venus and passionate Mars. Your past conditioning may be causing difficulty in your ability to relate to present situations. Take the time to analyze your negative and positive responses to current events. Propitious colors are pale green and pearly white. Lucky numbers are 4 and 20.
You don't have to go along with anything that you think is wrong or makes you uncomfortable: you have the power to reverse the tide. Take every chance to put out instead of taking in: keep in mind that the more resources you consume, the less will be available for others. This is a good time to attempt to free yourself from the tyranny of a harsh inner life. There is indeed beauty in simplicity. Fortunate colors are lavender and pale gold. Lucky numbers are 24 and 37.
With the Full Moon in Cancer there's no time to waste. Take this opportunity to seize the day, set up shop and begin doing brisk business. Taureans are an an unpredictable force to anyone who doesn't have the pleasure of knowing the whole story. Although you have strong, inner resources, you need to use them wisely. Start out slowly, and build up speed as you go. Advantageous colors are maroon and gold. Lucky numbers are 3 and 9.
Today impatience and unease give way to good, solid belief in your own worth. If others don't yet understand, that's fine with you. There'll be plenty of time to communicate your ideas over the next few days so work on them now and make your plans. Just because no one knows what you're up to at the moment doesn't mean that they won't catch up with you eventually! Fortunate colors are pearl grey and pale coral. Lucky numbers are 22 and 26.
Everything comes to you just a little bit easier as the Moon moves through Gemini. Much to your delight, it seems you're a celestial being today. You like your associates, although it's very hard for you not to feel superior to them. When it's time to perform, no one will be able to come up with the words to describe what you're doing, or how good you look while you're doing it! Auspicious colors are sea green and moonlight yellow. Lucky numbers are 4 and 20.
Try not to get so caught up in the moment that you lose sight of the main issue. When the Moon is in Gemini it's easy to get excited and involved in something that isn't your business, particularly where your family's concerned. It's advisable to watch what you say as well as your behavior, because everyone else will be watching as well. Otherwise, it should be a lovely, joyful time. Advantageous colors are sky blue and pale yellow. Lucky numbers are 5 and 14.
Don't rush into something that you aren't sure of. It's much better to take your time and do it right than to hurry things along and do them incorrectly. Bulls will enjoy a lazy period to begin with today, but will become more motivated as the day wears on. Trust the innocent Moon to sort things out in a way that's fair to everyone involved! Favorable colors are spring green and terracotta . Lucky numbers are 15 and 20.
You can feel free to do almost anything with the Moon in your sign, dear Taurus, but it's important to keep that famous bull-headedness in check as Venus opposes Jupiter. Be cool, calm and sensible and you'll find that you end up with things done well and as you like it. Friends and lovers can depend on you for a good time, and colleagues know they can count on you to get the job done. Christmas is just around the corner, so remember to leave work behind at quitting time. Positive colors are shimmering blue and emerald green. Lucky numbers are 1 and 6.
Some of you may have the power to gain access to even the most secret places and information today. As the old saying goes, you could sell ice water to the devil! At the moment, your success hinges not so much on quantity as it does on presentation. You probably won't be able to keep up this energy level for long, so it's a good time to start pacing yourself. Beneficial colors are powder blue and golden amber. Lucky numbers are 23 and 41.
If you're a typical Taurean you value both your emotional and physical security, and often tend to restrict your actions accordingly. But during the coming month you'll need to spread your wings more widely than usual, whether through mental or physical pursuits. It will do you good to be more adventurous for a change, and to embrace life in all its aspects. Beneficial colors are silvery blue and sunset orange. Lucky numbers are 9 and 44.
Why be weighed down with things that don't concern you, Taurus? You may be feeling a little low in energy, but as Venus is boosted you should use every opportunity to raise your voice, not in anger, but in song. Would you really want to trade places with anyone? Beneficial colors are pale gold and cherry red. Lucky numbers are 7 and 37.
The Moon moves through Pisces, bringing amazing energy and optimism. You have the world at your feet but for some reason, you can't quite decide what to do next. It's great to be loved and to be admired, but then what? You'll have a hard time expressing your deepest thoughts in this festive season and you might like to be somewhere else, with different people. Change is in the wind. Beneficial colors are carnelian red and cream . Lucky numbers are 19 and 28.
It's unwise to start anything new today: if you do, it's likely to run out of steam very quickly. With the Moon In Pisces, it's not a good time too be outspoken or bossy, because you just might meet a worthy opponent! You have a tendency to be sharp-tongued and critical of others at the moment, so make an extra effort to be considerate to people around you. The new moon tomorrow makes things unstable emotionally, so it's best to to take a light-hearted attitude to things in general, today. Fortunate colors are emerald green and sapphire blue. Lucky numbers are 19 and 28.
It's a slow start to the day and you may feel weighed down by responsibilities. Taureans know they should save for a rainy day and love the idea of getting a pension plan and retirement cottage lined up. Others may call you miserly, but like the squirrel in autumn, hoarding makes survival sense. However, it's the holiday season after all, so you can be a wee bit adventurous, financially! Beneficial colors are ruby red and apricot. Lucky numbers are 21 and 29.
People really want to hear what you have to say today, as Venus changes signs to Sagittarius, your house of sex, death and other people's money. You feel more intense with regard to social contacts as well as romance or sexual encounters, especially from the standpoint of the psychological motivations and behavior patterns involved. Auspicious colors are platinum and sapphire blue. Lucky numbers are 12 and 30.
Naturally you want to keep relationships around you smooth and harmonious, but avoiding confrontations is not always wise. If you push issues under the carpet, they'll surface eventually. Deal with things now in a firm and tactful manner. Bulls crave stability and security, and are normally very careful with their finances, but beware: uncharacteristically, you may spend more than you can afford this month .... Favorable colors are navy blue and sunset pink. Lucky numbers are 20 and 55.
A Capricorn Moon in your eighth house indicates that you Bulls are keen to see justice done. What you say is coming across as tolerant, well balanced and impartial, but Taureans are stubborn and won't budge on what they truly believe in. Interesting conversations with people on your wavelength are especially appealing, but go out of your way to avoid bores and irritating types. Beneficial colors are copper and brick red. Lucky numbers are 16 and 19.
The Sagittarius New Moon awakens your eighth house of sex, power and money today. It's time to close off old financial issues and make a brand new start. If you have been suffering from problems due to mistakes made in the past, your burden begins to lift, thank heavens. Next year will bring a whole new phase for the Bull. Favorable colors are chestnut brown and crimson. Lucky numbers are 8 and 9.
Go with the flow today, because it's time to get into the swing of things! The Moon remains in the travel-happy, adventurous sign of Sagittarius for most of the day, so let your hair down and indulge in your dreams. It's a good time to make phone calls, make money and socialize - either for business or pleasure. You'll find most people you come into contact with are easygoing and open-minded. There won't be any shortage of friends, so make the most of it and enjoy your weekend! Fortunate colors are earth brown and garnet red. Lucky numbers are 8 and 10.
The early morning is good for teamwork; problems from last week can be rectified with very little effort. First Mercury then later the Moon enter Sagittarius and your eighth house of sex, power and money, adding a bit of intensity to the day. Issues of power and control may crop up; don't be surprised if this energy continues for some weeks. You'll need to keep your emotions under control if you want to prevail. Beneficial colors are wine red and ebony. Lucky numbers are 8 and 18.
Spending quality time with your partner is a priority now; neglect could lead to a very nasty scene within the next two days. Some Bulls are presenting a lovely image to the public, but are hiding or ignoring serious difficulties at home. Spend time with your partner to avoid the inevitable explosion that comes with repression. You'll be glad you made the effort. Advantageous colors are pale aqua and soft rose. Lucky numbers are 7 and 16.
Excitement is likely thanks to a reactive Moon today and you may want to take refuge at work. Keep a clear head and you might be able to save the day; your special brand of diplomacy and tact are required. You may even find an unexpected raise or bonus coming your way... why not? After all, the hardworking Bull deserves it. Fortunate colors are sparkling green and silver. Lucky numbers are 11 and 14.
Your taste for the good life could get out of hand as the tender Moon moves through indulgent Libra. You can enjoy the sweetness of life, but don't go overboard. Balance your diet and be sure to get plenty of exercise. Some of the most beautiful people in the world are born under the sign of the Bull, and you will be exuding that healthy, robust glow all day. Fortunate colors are ivory and cornflower blue. Lucky numbers are 23 and 33.
Today should be pleasant as the gentle Moon passes through your fifth house of romance and creativity; you'll be in good spirits when the Moon enters Libra and your sixth house of health and service late today. With a spring in your step and a sense of fun, you can whistle while you work and then enjoy a restful evening at home. Fortunate colors are golden amber and cobalt blue. Lucky numbers are 5 and 24.
Hold on to your hat, as Venus, the Moon and Mars are dancing. It's time for you to lighten the mood with your rich sense of humor. Romance is in the air for eligible Bulls, but it's best not to take yourself too seriously at this time. Chances are good you've had more than your share of responsibility lately, and could use the break. Fortunate colors are baby blue and powder pink. Lucky numbers are 25 and 34.
It's an upbeat note as the inspirational Moon zips through your fifth house of romance and creativity. Spending time with children can be rewarding now, as can time spent with a romantic interest. Some of you will be planning a holiday engagement, so think about how you would like to announce the news. You have energy to spare! Auspicious colors are pale gold and lavender. Lucky numbers are 6 and 24.
Almost anything can happen today as the moody Moon, Venus, Mercury and Uranus clash. Arguments may seem unavoidable, but you have the power to keep an unpleasant family member from ruining things. If someone is deliberately trying to bait you, foil their attempts by remaining calm and serene. That way, you're in control! Advantageous colors are sea green and ocean blue. Lucky numbers are 10 and 25.
Spend as much time as possible relaxing today; you'll be working hard enough come tomorrow. You need to recharge your spiritual batteries, so avoid social gatherings if you can. With only a few weeks left in the year, you'll need to get a lot of things done in a short time. Take a nap, or turn in early tonight to help you regain strength and energy. Fortunate colors are pale green and oyster. Lucky numbers are 2 and 20.
If you don't slow down, you'll suffer burn out this afternoon. Sure, there are errands to run and phone calls to make, but if you don't decrease the pace, you might make a grave mistake. Try to quit work early if you can, and leave any unfinished business until tomorrow: you'll be much more effective after a good night's sleep. Favorable colors are celery green and charcoal gray. Lucky numbers are 1 and 12.
As the Moon travels through emotional Cancer, don't hesitate to say 'I love you'. You may not mean to starve your loved ones of affection, so let the ones you love know it by your words. Sure, your actions already speak for you, but some people really need to hear it. Fortunate colors are pale yellow and sky blue. Lucky numbers are 23 and 32.