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Born between: May 21st - June 20th

Adaptability is a Gemini's greatest strength which has positives for the workplace. Whilst their affection and imagination provides more great qualities; the negative of a Gemini is that they can be pessimism however they thrive on others optimistic nature.

If you've been feeling agitated about certain responsibilities and expectations lately, today's Full Moon is encouraging you to reach some sober decisions about them. They're running your life and making it a misery, so maybe it's time to reduce the number of obligations that have fallen on your shoulders. Bold colors are ginger and emerald green. Lucky numbers are 2 and 3.
The Moon's node shifts to Scorpio, your 6th house of work and health, a major new phase lasting for some 18 months. Your work and daily responsibilities are boosted, perhaps requiring more travel, or advanced training. Your relationships with co-workers and fellow students are expanded in one way or another. Keep your sense of self-importance well in hand. If you need medical advice you should find excellent physicians or other professionals to help you. More on the Moon's Nodes. Fortunate colors are coffee and lavender. Lucky numbers are 24 and 46.
Someone seems to be a walking encyclopedia, judging by their determination to hurl facts and figures at you. You may lose interest, but will they stop talking? No, they won't. Resist the temptation to engage in a battle of words in which the winner is the one who talks longest and loudest. Maybe you could change the subject to something more interesting? Favorable colors are pale grey and grapefruit. Lucky numbers are 25 and 66.
It will be difficult to concentrate today because your mind is on other things. In fact, you're floating off into a world of your own, so you come across as absent-minded and vague. If you tune into the atmosphere around you, you'll be very good at this. So trust your instincts and listen to what they're telling you. Ideal colors are dark red and silver. Lucky numbers are 26 and 50.
You are determined to remind a certain person that you're an individual in your own right and that you want the freedom to do your own thing. You'll cut up rough if you think you're being restricted in some way, especially by someone else's expectations or worldly responsibilities that have been put on your shoulders. If you're longing to rebel, be careful how you do this. You don't want to give yourself a bad name. Favorable colors are cream and caramel. Lucky numbers are 14 and 8.
This is a great day for talking about your feelings and allowing loved ones to do the same in return. Look on it as the chance to get things out into the open, particularly if they've had a tendency to be swept under the carpet or to provoke arguments. The more honest and open you can be now, the better for everyone concerned. Beneficial colors are russet and white. Lucky numbers are 35 and 72.
Mind your Ps and Qs! Over the next few days there's a strong chance you'll accidentally say the wrong thing or send out the wrong signals. Misunderstandings will be rife as the karmic South Node leaves your sign, and there could also be other communications glitches such as letters that get mislaid, phone calls that aren't answered and gadgets that go on the blink. If you have to write an important letter, it might be wise to delay it until after September 3 when things begin to improve. Auspicious colors are cornflower blue and pumpkin. Lucky numbers are 11 and 65.
The emotional temperature is climbing today, leading to a rather intense hot-house atmosphere. Partners might get bees in their bonnets about something, making them determined to carry on about it for as long as possible and probably to make you feel wretched about it at the same time. Handle the situation with grace and understanding. Fortunate colors are platinum and dark purple. Lucky numbers are 7 and 11.
It will be hard to keep the topic away from work, but it would still be fun to gather some of your loved ones around you and talk to them. There's plenty to do in the way of physical exercise and work -- on the job as well as around the house. Circumstances may put you in a position to hire others. The flow of physical energy now and in weeks ahead can make you more aggressive or competitive concerning work, co- workers, or employees. If there are problems, enthusiastically confront them and seek a solution. Don't give in to angry outbursts or rash actions. Overwork is a danger to your health. Auspicious colors are pistachio and lemon. Lucky numbers are 6 and 21.
With the Sun in Virgo during the next four weeks you need to devote plenty of time to your home and family. You may also be surprisingly reluctant to stray too far from your own front door, but that's exactly as it should be right now because you're in the mood for familiar faces and places. Anything or anyone that offers comfort and emotional security will be all right by you. Soothing colors are gold and cinnamon. Lucky numbers are 7 and 44.
It's a day for making the most of your social life, and you won't have to stray far afield in order to do so. Why not enjoy taking part in a local event or neighborhood activity? Do your best to make the whole thing go with a swing. If you haven't spoken to one of your favourite people lately, pick up the phone or send them an email to let them know you're thinking of them. Favorable colors are aqua and peach. Lucky numbers are 10 and 37.
If you ask someone's advice, be prepared for the bell of doom. Some people just have to take the worst possible view of everything and can quickly infect you with their miserable view of the world. This is a good time for Gemini, so take an optimistic view, despite the negative waves. Uplifting colors are jade and pale gold. Lucky numbers are 20 and 42.
Steady! A certain person may be able to wind you up like a spring today, and may not even need to use words since the body language or general behavior will be just as controversial. Before you completely lose your cool, ask yourself why you should rise to the bait! Don't give them the satisfaction of watching it happen. Empowering colors are avocado and crushed strawberry. Lucky numbers are 9 and 29.
Someone dear to your heart has a habit of shooting from the hip and saying whatever pops out of the blue today. As a result you could hear some rather uncomfortable home truths, and this person won't seem to care what effect harsh words have on you. But maybe it's something you should listen to, all the same. Beneficial colors are silvery pink and dark blue. Lucky numbers are 37 and 61.
You're able to combine practicality with creativity today, and that will be a very constructive combination. You stand a good chance of achieving whatever you set out to do, especially if you're relying on other people to give you their support or co-operate in some way. A relationship will also flourish now because you're both putting so much effort into it. Excellent colors are butterscotch and scarlet. Lucky numbers are 1 and 11.
The best way to get on well now is to spend time talking. If you can't see someone in person, why not ring? Or write a text, email or (gasp!) a letter so they know you're thinking about them. Discussion will go smoothly now, so it's a good opportunity to bring up any difficult topics you've been avoiding. Beneficial colors are salmon and charcoal grey. Lucky numbers are 14 and 29.
Today's New Moon places the accent on communications, so think about how you can improve these during the rest of the month. You might decide that it's time you got yourself a new phone, for instance, or it could be your cue to improve your current computer in some way. This is an excellent time to call a truce with someone if you've been at loggerheads lately. Auspicious colors are dark plum and creamy ivory. Lucky numbers are 3 and 21.
Right now you've got a hankering for anything and anyone that's cosy, familiar and unchallenging. You need all the emotional security you can get today, so you'll naturally gravitate towards people that you know inside out and will be slightly wary of meeting anyone for the first time. You might also want to do some serious comfort eating at some point. Positive colors are burgundy and silver. Lucky numbers are 4 and 51.
Things should go really well. In fact, there could be some lovely surprises in store, especially if you've currently got your sights set on someone older, richer or more influential than you. You might also hear some unexpected good news about a financial matter that is working out to your advantage. Auspicious colors are tan and dark blue. Lucky numbers are 11 and 19.
This is the perfect day for taking part in some form of negotiation or discussion because you're perfectly prepared to put your thoughts into words in whichever way will be most helpful and straightforward. Right now, you have no desire to hedge your bets or pull the wool over anyone's eyes, and you'll be very annoyed if they do this sort of thing to you. Fortunate colors are sunflower yellow and mango. Lucky numbers are 28 and 69.
It's a super day for going shopping because you've got plenty of energy for tearing around the shops and seeing what's on offer. You're also interested in getting to grips with some energetic domestic chores, such as the gardening or housework. You'll really put your back into them all, and you'll be thrilled with the great results. Auspicious colors are violet and cream. Lucky numbers are 24 and 64.
Domestic relationships start to come under strain from today and they won't sort themselves out until the beginning of October. So be very wary about misreading situations and try not to give anyone the wrong impression simply because you haven't said something important. Do your best to avoid signing any documents or agreements until this tricky phase blows over, in case you're being led up the garden path or you haven't been given all the facts. Beneficial colors are teal blue and cinnamon. Lucky numbers are 4 and 71.
Someone is being awfully defensive and edgy today, making it difficult to talk to them without feeling that you're being put on the spot or they're waiting for you to say the wrong thing. This is especially likely when talking to members of the family, so bear this in mind if you'll be spending time with a relative who always seems to be hovering on the brink of a major huff. Fortunate colors are burnt orange and silvery blue. Lucky numbers are 35 and 60.
Spend time with loved ones today, as Mercury turns direct in communicative Leo. Gadget breakdown will become a thing of the past as Mercury speeds up. Being with your nearest and dearest is exactly what you're in the mood for today, especially if you can take care of them or spoil them in some way. If you're cooking, you'll have a tendency to make much more food than anyone can eat, so resist the temptation to scoff all the leftovers when no one's looking... Beneficial colors are brilliant white and purple. Lucky numbers are 25 and 47.
Beware of an extravagant streak that takes control of you from today and lasts until early September. It will encourage you to spend money like water, and also to splash out on all sorts of treats and luxuries. You won't want to stint yourself, and that will cause problems if you're supposed to be carefully controlling your budget. Favourable colors are aqua and dark gold. Lucky numbers are 6 and 44.
During the last couple of months it's been made perfectly clear to you that certain relationships need very careful evaluation, and also that it's only a matter of time before some vital changes are made. Well, this is a day for a major transformation in a relationship, provided it will be to everyone's benefit. Resist the temptation to do things in which only you will benefit. Auspicious colors are pale green and coffee. Lucky numbers are 17 and 42.
It's been a difficult month so far but things will be much more easy-going today, so cheer up! This is a marvellous day for taking part in social activities and mixing with as many people as possible. You're feeling gregarious and outgoing, and will enjoy catching up with people you haven't seen lately. It's an especially good day for getting together with friends and neighbours. Ideal colors are silver and lilac. Lucky numbers are 1 and 50.
Is someone indulging in some attention-seeking behaviour today? You must admit that it looks that way to you, because they're doing things designed to make all eyes swivel in their direction. Unfortunately, they'll make more and more of a fuss until they get what they want. They may even have an emotional outburst at the most inconvenient time. Fortunate colors are amethyst and silvery grey. Lucky numbers are 13 and 23.
If you're feeling guilty about what's been happening over the past couple of days, you'll want to make amends and may even go over the top in the process. If some grovelling is required then that's what you need to do, but try not to get into someone's good books again by promising them the earth because you'll only have to let them down when you fail to deliver the goods. Auspicious colors are lime and navy. Lucky numbers are 8 and 76.
Your thoughts are flying in all directions, Gem. This may mean that you're rather absent-minded or distracted, so watch out if you're supposed to be concentrating on something important. It's the Full Moon in quirky Aquarius, so you could get embroiled in an argument about someone's beliefs or ideas, especially if you totally disagree with everything they're saying. Ouch! Beneficial colors are lemon and copper. Lucky numbers are 36 and 54.
How wacky and unpredictable are you prepared to be today? It looks as though you're happy to go out on a limb if that will get your point across, but there's a problem in this because it means you're likely to get right up someone's nose. You could easily say things that are deliberately intended to cause a stir or shock someone, but this will backfire on you sooner or later. Yes, you want to rebel but you must be careful how you do it. Uplifting colors are aubergine and raspberry. Lucky numbers are 3 and 26.