Hendrick's Gin Cucumber Campaign

Hendrick's Gin Cucumber Campaign

Hendrick's Gin Cucumber Campaign

Hendrick's, a most unusual gin infused with the curious yet marvellous essences of cucumber and rose, has reached another milestone in their peculiar horticultural quest. After months of creating and cultivating a world-first Australian cucumber, the -Unusually Australian Cucumber' has now been grown to perfection and harvested for your enjoyment.


The first stage of the cucumber quest saw thousands of cucumber lovers and Hendrick's Gin enthusiasts vote for quintessentially Australian ingredients to cultivate the soil for these unique cucumber seeds. Emu Poop, Yabby Shells and Simpson Desert Soil were chosen to help grow this Unusually Australian Cucumber, and since then they have been blooming away in a fully-functioning greenhouse in Cobbitty, NSW, under the watchful eye of University of Sydney and Abundant Produce experts.


This horticultural harvest was marked with an event at Elizabeth Bay House, NSW, which saw 120 VIP's sample the first batch of the -Unusually Australian Cucumbers.' The event was a true celebration of all things cucumber and Hendrick's Gin, with guests treated to cucumber hand massages, tea leaf reading, creative cucumber carvings, a custom cucumber flavoured sorbet by Messina, cucumber inspired canapes and an array of Henrick's Gin tipples throughout the night.


Now that the -Unusually Australian Cucumber' variety is ready to be enjoyed, if you're keen to treat your taste buds to this humble specimen, they will be showcased and incorporated into cocktail menus at select bars across Australia from December until the end of January, 2017.


Hendrick's Gin will also be delivering -Unusually Australian Cucumber' party packs to cucumber connoisseurs and gin lovers in the coming weeks to celebrate the harvesting of these exemplary cukes and the tasty tipple of Hendrick's Gin.


To follow the journey of the -Unusually Australian Cucumber' and to be the first to hear about the -Unusually Australian Cucumber' party packs, visit www.facebook.com/hendricksgin


Hendrick's is one of the world's most loved super premium gins. Handcrafted by William Grant & Sons, Hendrick's Gin is proudly distilled in miniscule batches in the seaside village of Girvan, Scotland, with a unique mix of botanicals before being infused with rose and cucumber. It creates a flavour unlike any other gin in the world. For more information visit http://www.hendricksgin.com/ or http://www.williamgrant.com/