Healing Psoriasis with Mediterranean Cooking

Healing Psoriasis with Mediterranean Cooking

Healing Psoriasis with Mediterranean Cooking

Following the success of her first book on dealing with psoriasis, Feel Great in Your Skin……7 Simple Ways to Heal Your Psoriasis, Dr Irene Prantalos has published her new book, offering even more in-depth advice, including specific details on how to implement the dietary principles that bring healing to sufferers' as part of their current diet.

Healing Psoriasis with Mediterranean Cooking features a key set of delicious meals Irene's mother Angela has specially adjusted, along with a number of scrumptious recipes Irene developed together with her mum for psoriasis sufferers to enjoy.

Irene Prantalos and her mum spent nearly three decades consulting a string of medical doctors, desperate to find a way to heal Irene's severe psoriasis. During this journey, some health practitioners advised Irene to eliminate certain foods from her diet that were known to irritate psoriatic skin. Meanwhile, Angela's passion for cooking delicious, healthy Mediterranean meals was matched only by her determination to help her daughter regain her health.

In due course, Irene noticed remarkable improvements to her skin after preparing foods free of gluten, yeast, sugar and other irritants and incorporating specific nutritious foods with the aim of minimising skin inflammation and boosting alkalinity within the body.

The Mediterranean diet is renowned for its proven benefits for general health and well-being. More specifically, it promotes healthy portion control, balancing proteins and carbohydrates while also including a huge variety of fruits and vegetables.

And, the recipes in this eye-opening book use extra virgin olive oil; a key ingredient used in Mediterranean cooking. This oil exhibits therapeutic benefits including anti-inflammatory effects on the body, a reduction in blood cholesterol and lowering of blood pressure. In addition, it reduces obesity, regulates blood sugar and increases insulin sensitivity

To make life easier this invaluable cookbook includes a helpful 12-day meal plan to guide sufferers on the best ways to incorporate these delicious meals into a busy lifestyle.

Healing Psoriasis with Mediterranean Cooking
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Author: Dr Irene Prantalos

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