Harriet Clare Boys Beware & Pinkie Swear

Harriet Clare Boys Beware & Pinkie Swear

Harriet Clare Boys Beware!!!

Book 1

Hey! I have to tell you this before I totally burst! Hahaha!


Something big and bad has happened and because of it my best friend Indie isn't my Bestie anymore.  She hasn't hung out with me for three whole days and I really miss her.  Sobs!

Everything is such a big fat mess and I really need you! Can you help me fixt it?  Pretty please with sprinkles on top?


Harriet Clare Pinkie Swear!

Book 2


Okay! you are soooo not going to believe what's happened!
I had the best unbirthday birthday sleepover ever with crazy hair contests, truth or dare and loads of other cool things!  Everything was totally awesome... until someone broke our pinkie swear!  Not it's all a big fat nightmare!  Aaargh!

I know it wasn't me.  But who was it?  You have to help me find out what really happened. You Must!

Kids love Harriet!

Harriet Clare is an amazing book. It makes you want to turn the page and see what happens next... I loved the book, I can't wait for the next one! - Maya, age 8

The Harriet Clare series is unique in newly independent children's fiction. You, the reader become Harriet's new bestie. Harriet will ask you for advice, to draw a picture of your own BFF, or even to design a cool skateboard!

A visual feast of fun, the Harriet Clare books draw in even the most reluctant of readers with charming illustrations, illustrated text and sketching activities. Harriet also encourages problem-solving, self-understanding and empathy in the reader.

Harriet Clare is set apart from similar books on the market by its interactivity with the reader - Harriet asks children to participate in writing her diary and requests that the reader colour/draw/ write in the book!

About the Author

Louise Park has total book sales of over 3 million copies, and illustrator Marlene Monterrubio has a bright and fun illustration style perfected after two university degrees.

Harriet is laugh-out-loud funny. And it's a hoot to read aloud. Her everyday adventures will captivate children who will be able to relate to every big challenge she faces.

Harriet Clare Books
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