Hallmark Shoebox Humour Range

Hallmark Shoebox Humour Range

Hallmark Shoebox Humour Range

There is scientific meir to having a good laugh as it helps improve your emotional health, strengthen relationships, enhance happiness and even add years to your life, making gifting one of Hallmark's refreshed Shoebox range of humour cards just what the doctor ordered.


There are six different types of humour explored in Hallmark's Shoebox range - from naughty, witty, crude and daggy 'dad' - because we all have a different sense of humour. Along with 34 best-sellers, there are 56 new designs in the collection.


Review: The Hallmark Shoebox Humour Range gives you a laugh whilst you're writing on the cards and then again when you think about the recipient opening the card... plus they're guaranteed to make the special receiver giggle! l  I love the daggy 'dad' range - I'm set for cards for Dad now and I know my friends will love the witty collection. This range actually makes me funny (which is really tough), thanks Hallmark!
- Brooke Hunter


Jennifer Nolch, Hallmark Australia Marketing Director, said that giving someone a card they find funny is a great way of demonstrating that you not only care about them, but understand them as an individual as well.


"Laughter is the perfect way to connect with someone and now it's even easier to give the special people in your life the gift of a good cackle - or a smirk if that's more their thing," Ms Nolch said.


"The Shoebox range of cards will incite joy, while also giving you the chance to personalise the card with your own handwritten message."


A recent Omnipoll study comissioned by Hallmark of 1225 Australians showed that cards which were selected to suit the person they were being given to were very highly valued with birthdays the most popular occasion (76%) to gift a card.


The study also showed that a staggering 84% of people felt a card with a handwritten message made them feel more special than a message sent online, by social media or text.


The Hallmark Shoebox collection is available now at Coles, Target, NewsXpress, The Lucky Charm, selected Kmart stores and independent retailers for $4.99.


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