Hahn Ultra

Hahn Ultra

Hahn Ultra

Global consumption of non/low alcohol beer has soared to record highs with the segment increasing by 34%1 in the past five years, and now the nation's leading brewer, Lion, is launching new Hahn Ultra to meet the growing interest from Aussies.

At 0.9% ABV, Hahn Ultra is very low in alcohol (equivalent to just 0.2 standard drinks per 330ml bottle) yet crafted to offer the full flavoured beer taste that Aussies love - and it is set to shake up the current market offering.

Currently, low alcohol beers contribute 3.6 billion litres to the beer category globally (1.8%).

'A key reason for the international growth in non/low alcohol beer has been the improvement in taste, and our research told us that two of the top barriers for Australians are poor taste perception and lack of choice," said Ben Slocombe, Marketing Director for Lion.

'In Australia, consumption of low alcohol beer has remained low by comparison and the understanding of its benefits has been limited, but we are beginning to see this evolve in line with consumers' overall focus on wellbeing.

'We believe Hahn Ultra is going to bring new interest to the low alcohol category. We are offering more choice to people who are looking to moderate their alcohol consumption, but still want to connect socially and enjoy a great tasting beer.

'It is becoming more acceptable for people to choose a lower alcohol beer – the long-term growth of the mid-strength category in this country is testament to that – and the launch of Hahn Ultra now offers them another great choice," said Slocombe.

Dr Sam Hay, a leading Sydney General Practitioner, says non/low alcohol beers are a helpful way for Aussies looking to moderate their drinking.

'Like many things in life, alcohol consumption is all about moderation not excess and there's no doubt that we can enjoy it as part of a balanced lifestyle. Choosing a low alcohol option means you can achieve balance while not forgoing the benefits of sociability," said Dr Hay.


Catherine Saxelby, a leading dietitian, believes that low alcohol beer is a better alternative to other popular non-alcohol options that people consider such as soft drinks or mocktails which can be full of sugar and high in kilojoules (Calories).

'Many people don't realise that calories come from the alcohol content of what they are drinking, so if they are being mindful of their intake, beer is a good choice because it is lower in alcohol. At just 0.9%, a bottle of Hahn Ultra contains only 45 Calories (189 kilojoules) which makes ita great option for people who are watching what they are consuming but still want to be social during the week," said Saxelby.

Slocombe said that Hahn Ultra has been a labour of love for their brewers for six years.

'Hahn Ultra has been developed and refined over the past six years by our passionate and talented Hahn brewers. They tested countless brewing techniques and technologies to get a low alcohol beer that has full flavour. We think beer drinkers will be really impressed when they try it," he said.

Hahn Ultra has a perfectly balanced, light and crisp palate. The hop aroma and flavour is floral with notes of pine. It is low in bitterness, and is very refreshing and easy drinking.

Hahn Ultra will be sold in liquor stores nationwide and select on premise venues.

For more information, visit www.hahn.com.au or https://www.facebook.com/hahn