Gretta Ziller All These Walls Interview

Gretta Ziller All These Walls Interview

Golden Guitar-nominated Melbourne powerhouse singer songwriter Gretta Ziller today releases her anticipated dazzling third album, All These Walls, alongside new single, the album title track All These Walls. With an extensive tour currently in full swing, Ziller is still to make her way around regional VIC and NSW, as well as a show in Brisbane, and a string of performances set for Americana Fest in Nashville next month.


Thrilled to have her third body of work releasing to the world today, Ziller beams in her classic joyful Gretta Ziller way. "I'm so very excited to have my third album, All These Walls finally coming out! This moment feels incredibly special because it's been a journey (the same one we all experienced) to bring this album to the world. The lockdowns became my cocoon for healing, learning, and growth, infusing each song with the essence of my soul. Every track is an affirmation to my resilience, a reflection of my deepest desires, and a tribute to the love, cherished relationships, and the sheer joy I get from creating music."


A passionate storyteller and songwriter, Gretta Ziller amassed multiple talents alongside her own to bring All These Walls to life, while also working alongside producers Paul Ruske, who has worked with the likes of Kyle Lionheart and Skyscraper Stan, and Rob Muinõs, whose previous work spans Didirri, Little May, Dorsal Fins and more. Stylistically inspired by a potent array of influences, including Bishop Briggs, Rag n Bone Man, Tom Petty, Foy Vance, Alabama Shakes and HAIM, All These Walls follows in the footsteps of Ziller's earlier works, including 2021's Judas Tree and 2017's Queen of Boomtown, while firmly showcasing joyful creative evolution alongside a significantly thriving core message summed up by Ziller herself: "The album's core themes revolve around love, self-belief, embracing self-worth, and the journey of moving forward. Of course, there's a touch of self-doubt in there too – because despite our best efforts to block it out, doubt creeps in anyway!"


Case in point, All These Walls opens in silken fashion via Cross My Fingers, morphing into a sharp ode to facing one's demons complete with modern gloss and hints of twanging charm, before sliding into maudlin beauty on the wistful and winsome Dear Damascus. Effortlessly flitting between gossamer restraint and powerful glee, Ziller's mesmerising vocals thrive throughout the album's journey, from jaunty, bold tracks coated in brass (Ain't Even Your Lover), to heart-rending country ballads (Whole) and anthemic stompers brimming with positivity (Bones). In between moments of mellowed beauty (Golden Days, Who Knows) and lush modern production, witnessed in spades on the album's very title track, Ziller's capacity to concoct authentic narratives alongside glistening guitars, warm melodics and an unmistakable alt-country flavour shines loudly and proudly, effortlessly baring her soul with self-awareness and captivating compositions – and, ultimately, an unmistakable love for her craft.

A critically acclaimed, classically trained artist, Ziller's career to date has seen her accrue two Golden Guitar nominations, with her single 5,4,3,2,1 also currently sitting just shy of 500K individual streams on Spotify alone. Destined for a life in the creative arts, Ziller was able to whistle before she could talk, hailing as the token musician in a family of farmers and going on to take up the violin when she was just 2 years old. Picking up other instruments along the way, including the bagpipes, Ziller went on to complete a Bachelor of Music at Melbourne University, majoring in voice and starting her musical career as an opera singer and teaching the notoriously complex art that is the bagpipes.

Over the years, Ziller's potent talents have garnered resounding praise with each new release, including two full length albums, an acoustic album and her debut EP which released back in 2014. Armed with a sharp self-awareness alongside her irresistible blend of modern Americana, blues and beyond, 2020 saw Ziller support Australian legends Ian Moss and Troy Cassar-Daley for their 2020 Together Alone tour, a tour which remains one of her career highlights to date. But the talented Melbourne artist also continues to burgeon her own individual fanbase alongside her trademark sound, with the release of All These Walls set to stun both on and off the stage, as Ziller concludes, "Most of my upcoming live shows are acoustic solo, so in those shows you'll get to know me and the stories around my songs. In these shows I want to let people in, I want them to get to know me and walk away with joy in their hearts. If you're seeing a band show of mine, which I rarely get to do, we like to make them big and rocking and full on …we want you to feel the joy and love for what we do oozing off the stage & infecting you!"


All These Walls is out today via ABC Music.
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Gretta Ziller Interview

Can you please give us a quick intro?

Blending sunny melodies, exultant horns, and joyful jazzy/soul vibes, at times walking the line between Rag n Bone Man, HAIM, and even Alabama Shakes, St Louis is a breath of fresh air that showcases the talents of one of Australia's best singer-songwriters in Alt-Country scene, moving into territories of the alt-pop scene.

Marking a sparkling peek into Ziller's upcoming third album, All These Walls due out Friday August 25, St Louis will also be witnessed live around the country, with Ziller hitting the road extensively throughout August, September and November!

How would you describe your music?

I don't fit nicely into a genre box but I describe my sound as country storytelling disguised in pop, blues and rock sounds.

Can you tell us about your new single St.Louis?

St Louis was a song that had been on my heart to write for a number of years. It's a joyous horn filled song of appreciation and thanks. 

What inspired St.Louis?

St. Louis is an expression of my gratitude to all the songs, and the writers of those songs, that shaped my musical influences. In particular, the first song I performed for an audience; St. Louis Blues written by W.C Handy." 

Is there a particular message you hope listeners take from your music?

My greatest hope is that people can feel something from my music. I want listeners to connect their own stories with mine. 

What motivates you most when writing music?

My greatest motivation when writing is to release a secret of mine into a song. I'm not so great at expressing how I'm feeling or what I'm thinking verbally, but in song I can unburden myself. Mostly only I know they're there, sometimes I'm less subtle about it!

Which music/artists are you currently listening to?

I'm listening to my 'comfort artists' at the moment, Foy Vance, Bishop Briggs, HAIM, Rag n Bone Man, Brooks & Dunn, Darrell Scott … plus many more! The artists I can sing along to (cause i've listened to their albums hundreds of times)

If you could collaborate with another artist, who would it be?

Ooh Foy Vance or Rag n Bone Man … their voices are divine!!!

What is the biggest challenge you have faced along the way to your musical success?

Ha! Myself! For a long time I focused on all the things I wasn't. It took me a long time to realise that all the things I'm not makes me what I am… if that makes sense!

What has been your favourite part of becoming a music artist?

Singing. It is my greatest joy, it is the thing that I love doing the most and being able to share that with people is so special!

What's a typical day like?

I'm a one-woman show so I sort of don't have a typical day! It depends on what needs doing. I am my own booker, my own tour manager, my own social media manager, my own everything. So whatever needs doing happens that day!

What advice do you have for aspiring songwriters or artists?

I think the most precious part of being an artist is why you started creating in the first place. From my own experience it's the thing that's the easiest to lose sight of. Success is a goal that's never reached, joy keeps you in the moment. 

What's next, for you?

I'm off to Nashville in September, so I'll be songwriting for a month. Then I have a few plans bubbling for the rest of the year & next year! And of course more shows!

Can you share your socials?

I am literally the only Gretta Ziller in the world so I'm pretty easy to find ;)


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