Grayson Beermuda Triangle

Grayson Beermuda Triangle

It's been said that Grayson is 'one of those guys who when he enters a room is a life of the party,' so there's no telling what might happen when he enters the Beermuda Triangle, which happens to be the name of his brand new single, released today with its video.

'Beermuda Triangle', Grayson says, is 'about those nights out when where you go and do crazy things. It's like someone else takes you over, leads you astray and you don't even realise until the next day.'

The track was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee, at Five Points Recording (formerly Yellow Hammer Studio). It was co-produced by Grayson and Justin Ray Miller, who not only owns Five Points Recording, but has also won awards in various international film-scoring competitions and is a committee member of the Audio Engineering Society of Nashville.

The video for 'Beermuda Triangle' was designed and produced by John Burness, a Marvel Animator and MTV Music Award Winner from Arsenal Animation Studios. It's a fun clip that sees Grayson become an old-school arcade-game character as he fights off aliens on his way home to his family. 'It captures the story of those crazy nights,' says Grayson, 'when it's like you're living out a video game with someone else controlling your every moment.'

'Beermuda Triangle' is the first single off Grayson's upcoming album Window Dreams, the latest chapter of a long and varied career. His first ever single, 'Stand Clear', reached #1 on the Indie Download Chart in Ireland while his second single, 'Change', reached #1 on the ARIA Physical Singles chart. He's had several other tracks perform well in a number of countries and has toured with Australian legends including Jimmy Barnes, The Whitlams and Vanessa Amorosi. He has also released a documentary – '66 Days on Route 66' – which follows his tour through the USA, and played a range of local and international festivals.

After touring through the US, one radio program said 'I swear we have about 2500 new female listeners now thanks to his charm. What is it – the accent? Who knows, but they cannot get enough of Grayson.' And though Grayson has no shows scheduled due to public health reasons, you can be sure that he'll be on the road – and perhaps entering the Beermuda Triangle – at the earliest opportunity, so let's hope it won't be long until listeners get their next Grayson fix.