Grandma DVD

Grandma DVD

Grandma DVD

Cast: Lily Tomlin, Judy Greer, Julia Garner, Carlos Miranda, John Cho, Elizabeth Peńa, Nat Wolff, Laverne Cox
Director: Paul Weitz
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Rated: M
Running Time: 75 minutes

Academy Award® nominee Lily Tomlin (I Heart Huckabees, The Beverly Hillbillies) stars as poet-cum-unemployed-academic, Elle, a role that earned her a Golden Globe nomination in Grandma. Writer-Director Paul Weitz (About a Boy, Antz) with the help of Judy Greer (Ant-Man, Jurassic World), Julia Garner (The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Electrick Children), Carlos Miranda (The Bling Ring, Warrior) and John Cho (Star Trek: Into Darkness, Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle) take you on a journey behind this very stubborn and opinionated grandmother on a quest to help her granddaughter in a time of need. Grandma is a heart-warming, character-driven comedy-drama available to own on DVD and Digital from March 3, 2016.

Elle Reid has just overcome a break up with her girlfriend when her granddaughter, Sage (GARNER), unexpectedly shows up needing $600 before sundown. Sage has gotten herself pregnant, and at such a young age she is leaning on her grandmother to help her afford an abortion.

Temporarily broke, Grandma Elle spends the day with Sage trying to get their hands on the cash, as unannounced visits to old friends and flames rattle skeletons and dig up secrets. Elle comes face-to-face with a lifetime of bittersweet memories, each encounter bringing back feelings that even Elle can't laugh off. As Elle and Sage talk over a shared joint, an entire world opens up and Grandma takes on an unexpected emotional force.

Elle's faux crustiness gleams with her heart of gold in this feministic, empowering and hilarious venture following a grandmother and granddaughter as they become an even stronger part of each others lives in Grandma.

Special Features:
Commentary with Lily Tomlin, Sam Elliott, Julia Garner and Writer-Director Paul Weitz
Q&A with Lily Tomlin, Sam Elliott and Paul Weitz

RRP: $34.95