Good for Friday and every day!

Good for Friday and every day!
Delish fish at home, made easy with Whirlpool

Perfect for Good Friday fish feasts, Whirlpool, the worlds largest white-goods company, has been 'Inspired by You to offer a complete array of cooking appliances to prepare your favourite fish dishes with a minimum of fuss, but with maximum taste and nutrition.

Regardless of whether you will be observing Lent or Easter this April, fish is not just for Fridays - it's a good idea to include fish in your diet any day - every week. It's low in fat, high in protein, and fatty fish contains essential omega-3 fatty acids for healthy hearts and minds. The Whirlpool 90cm Gas Cooktop (AKT920 IX or WH) houses five burners and features a dedicated burner specially designed for cooking fish. Infamous for being difficult to prepare well, within the limitations of a traditional kitchen, fish can now be ready in a flash. The elongated burner evenly distributes the heat along the length of the fish, cooking each section to perfection. Once combined with one of Whirlpools latest rangehoods boasting twin fans and an array of speed options, any smoke and cooking odours are speedily whisked away, leaving you to simply enjoy your Easter feast. Accented by Whirlpools newly developed IrontechTM trivets, the Whirlpool Gas Cooktop (AKT920 IX or WH) offers the desirable look of cast iron, but is light-weight and easy to maintain. IrontechTM not only provides reliable stability and minimises pot slippage, its smooth structure can be easily wiped down or placed into the dishwasher for effortless cleaning a god-send for Easter entertaining.

Just like having a professional live-in chef who knows how to cook dishes just the way you like them, delivering perfect results every time, the Whirlpool - My Chef - 60cm Electronic Ovens 50 recipes include a mouth-watering array of roasts, cakes, seafood, pizza, pasta bakes and four dedicated fish settings. Extremely easy to use, even for the first-time chef, you simply select the desired recipe using the assisted text display facility (available in multiple languages) and the oven will do the rest. For fish, simply choose whether it is a whole fish or fillets, enter in the weight of the dish and you are set to go. The Keep Warm Cycle function is essential for putting the meal on hold for attending the obligatory Easter egg hunt! Whirlpool has even made the cleaning as fast and hassle free as possible with the inclusion of an easy clean door. The flat surface has no recesses or rivets for grime to accumulate in. The sides and rear of the oven are fitted with catalytic liners, which after warming at 200oC for 20-30 minutes, the grime slides to the base of the oven cavity for an easy final wipe out with a damp cloth.

In Whirlpool Crisp & Grill microwave oven a frozen pie is piping hot and ready in 6 minutes, and family roast chicken is done in half an hour! The secret is in the CRISPTM function, a combination of a special CRISPTM plate, quartz grill and Whirlpools 3D system. The CRISPTM plate can heat up to 210?C within 2 minutes and remains constant. Working like a frying pan but requiring no oil, it can effortlessly cook fish without the traditional lingering fishy smell! Where most microwaves usually only have two energy sources, Whirlpools 3D cooking systems use a specially shaped deflector to redirect the two microwave streams, creating a third energy wave producing a stereo effect for completely surround, more intense cooking. Additionally, the unique Steam function quickly steams food via a controlled gentle simmering process. By sealing in all the nutrients and not requiring additional oils, this method is very healthy, and the complimentary thermo resistant steamer dish ensures all the nutrients and cooking fragrances are contained.

Whirlpool is dedicated to continually delivering the ultimate in kitchen appliances, whilst helping you to create culinary masterpieces with a minimum of effort. Their new website, hosts a wealth of further information on the brand, the breadth of their expansive product range, and some invaluable kitchen tips.

The team at Whirlpool wishes everyone happy, healthy and safe Easter holidays.

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