Good Enough

Good Enough

Good Enough

Dear Dilvin, you suck at this. Sincerely, Dilvin.

In the frightening world of tiger mums, little emperors and helicopter parenting, can any mother ever be good enough? Dilvin Yasa thinks probably not. In fact, she's pretty sure mothers have been sold a dodgy lot of unrealistic standards, with a good dollop of guilt to serve.

Dilvin draws extensively and often hilariously on her own experiences as a new mother, but also consults the experts. Each chapter, be it on competitive parenting, post-natal depression or returning to work, contains relevant advice from a professional in the field.

Refreshingly candid, Dilvin sheds light on the unexpected challenges of parenting, and never shies from a tough question: Is it okay to take time out from your family? (yes); Should you give your child a 'unique' name? (dubious); and, Is it okay to tell your child that cat heaven is on the moon? (maybe not).

Good Enough shares a journey that is both universal and deeply personal. With warmth, wit and wicked humour, Dilvin Yasa details the embarrassing failings, unexpected triumphs and dizzying and delightful in-betweens of modern-day motherhood.

Dilvin Yasa is a journalist, media commentator, kid-wrangler and zombie/Duran Duran enthusiast. She is the editor of the Australian Women's Weekly Ultimate Guide to Divorce and her articles have appeared in countless publications including the Sydney Morning Herald, Renegade Collective, Cosmopolitan, Good Health, Sunday Style, and... well, the kind you buy in shrink-wrapped bags. Dilvin lives in Sydney with her husband and two daughters. Her first (incredibly witty, funny and insightful) book, Things My Daughter Needs to Know, was released in 2012.

Good Enough
Author: Dilvin Yasa
ISBN: 9781742613956
RRP: $29.99