Go Old School this Mother's Day

Go Old School this Mother's Day

In a digital world, a bespoke physical greeting card means more in many ways…

Young Dads and Co-founders of Cardly, a Melbourne based online start-up where one can buy clever, creative and cute greeting cards by independent artists, are reminding people that the old school, tangible greeting card can be more meaningful than a simple, effortless, social media post. Carefully crafted words delivered in a tangible card mean even more today in a world of instant texts, social media and digital consumption.
Patrick Gaskin, co-founder of Cardly, grew up surrounded by greeting cards. Patrick's family ran newsagents in Australia and Patrick watched people pick the perfect greeting card for their loved one or friend from a very young age. He was also mindful that many cards were not 'picked' and that the industry could be wasteful.
Patrick merged his passion and industry knowledge and joined forces with Tom Clift to create a mindful, online greeting card start up that:

Supports and rewards artists and showcases their work

Ensures that cards are only printed when the order is received ensuring no waste

Delivers an emotive, artistic and personalised 'handwritten' card to each recipient

Patrick states: "We support local artists and the kind of artists that you see at markets and on Etsy.This is my wife's first Mother's Day and I want her to remember it with a beautiful, written keepsake.Words and sentiments and a carefully curated card can be more thoughtful than the actual gift."

Tom concludes: "You can send a personal, handwritten card without lifting a pen. You write. We post. There are hundreds of quirky and beautiful designs from independent artists. 20% of each sale goes straight to the artists. It's good for our planet as cards are only printed when they are ordered. Plus, you can schedule cards up to 12 months in advance making it impossible to forget an occasion.The card recipient feels important and receives a delightful surprise."

Flat Rate per card: $6.45
Cardly is a creative tech startup based in Melbourne that allows people to handwrite and doodle inside greeting cards using their connected device. The cards are then printed and sent to friends, family and clients around the world. Cardly's proprietary humanisation engine takes what a user types and makes it look like real handwriting. The team has built an amazing marketplace of independent designers from around the world to create a collection of over 1000 greeting card designs. Cardly also lets businesses send physical handwritten cards to lists of recipients as easily as they would send an email. Cardly currently prints and sends cards from the US, UK and Australia.