Give Me The Child

Give Me The Child

Give Me The Child

Do we get the children we deserve?

Imagine that your doorbell rings in the middle of the night. You open the door to the police. Your husband's eleven‐year‐old love‐child stands between them – a daughter you never knew you had.

Her mother has been found dead in their south London flat. She has nowhere else to go. Would you take her in?

Psychosis haunted Dr Cat Lupo's first pregnancy, but she longs for a second child. When Ruby turns up on her doorstep, she has to decide whether to give her a home. But what if this small stranger poses a threat to Cat's own daughter?

Cat's research tells her there is no such thing as evil. Her history tells her she's paranoid. But her instincts tell her different. And, as the police fight to control a spate of riots raging across the capital, Cat faces her own race against time.

Mel McGrath is an award‐winning author and journalist and a founding member of Killer Woman, which has rapidly established itself as one of the key forums for crime writing in the UK.

Give Me The Child
Author: Mel McGrath
RRP: $29.99