Getting Pregnant the Hard Way

Getting Pregnant the Hard Way

Getting Pregnant the Hard Way is the funny tale of a five year journey through the IVF program - from a man's perspective. Author Mikael Svanstrom tells us from the outset that the fault is his as he has mutant sperm that simply won't fertilise eggs.

With most of the IVF focus being on women, Mikael is needless to say, left feeling rather insignificant. 'Getting Pregnant the Hard Way' is a hilarious, insightful and deeply personal account of a man's attempts to get 'pregnant' with his wife.

This issue of IVF raises many questions for Mikael, such as what led them to decide to want children, why they waited, determining the gender of the child in a new age kind of way, what sex on demand is like, the realisation that he has mutant sperm and how that led him to write a letter to Ericsson to determine if mobile phone radiation was the cause.

Then the cost, for Mikael and his wife Jennifer, they justified by reasoning that if you could put $40,000 down on a car, then why not put that into raising a family.

'Getting Pregnant the Hard Way' is a book for every man considering starting a family, and for every woman who might like an insight into what a man's journey might be like.

"Having useless balls is about as bad as having no balls at all" says Mikael Svanstrom.

About the Author:
Sydney based Mikael Svanstrom has had three short films produced based on his scripts. He is a member of the Australian's Writer's Guild and featured on the Internet Satricial Newspaper Association as a Satirical Columnist.

Originally from Sweden, Mikael moved to Australia eight years ago. He works in the IT industry and is currently working on two novels.

Review: A really good insight the the hilarious pyschy of the male mind and what their perspective is on getting pregnant and having to go through IVF.

New Holland Publishers
Author: Mikael Svanstrom
ISBN: 9781741105988
RRP: $22.95