Free Advertising for Australian Business to get through Pandemic times

Free Advertising for Australian Business to get through Pandemic times

Community to support businesses affected by COVID-19 connect to stay thriving during pandemic times


Online Magazine of over 20 years has launched an online community, FEMALEHUB, bringing small business owners together to stay inspired and positive through this time.


Michelle Warmuz, owner of based in Melbourne, launched the group on 21st March, bringing together people from all kinds of locations and industries and is open to many more. 


" has been connecting large and small business to readers for over 20 years, so I wanted to expand our platform where women could support each other both personally and professionally." says Michelle


This will probably be the toughest year of our lifetime, marketers' first instincts are to pull budgets, but the problem is don't know what is going to happen. Will we be working from home still in 3 months? When will bars and events start again? How long until we can travel freely? We are all just guessing.


We are all facing real problems right now, and brands have an opportunity to solve their fundamental needs right now, whether it's staying connected or working on their manufacturing equipment or the services they provide.


"We are all trying to stay positive and use this time to clean up our 'To Do Lists'.  This is a great time to get set up online, organise your socials, and get your marketing strategies in place.  Businesses that thrive in times of crisis don't take their foot off the pedal, they push down harder." says Michelle, Women in Business Mentor.


"This health and economic pandemic has highlighted how reliant Australia is on overseas manufacturing. We now have an opportunity to make a positive impact with our choices.  Support local, Buy Australian, and protect our Australian lifestyle." 


"To often we make impulsive decisions based on price and marketing campaigns that send jobs and cash overseas.  We can use this time to unite and strengthen our communities and show the world why Australia is the lucky country."


"This land of opportunity will not stay in lockdown forever.  Travel, cafes, restaurants, bars and events will all return, but before you plan to get the first plane out to Bali or Greek Islands, explore the largest island paradise in the world, Australia." 


As the time ticks on in social isolation, we are all craving connection, inspiration and support – and a much-needed laugh.   FEMALEHUB wants to bring as many of us together, to share our stories, help us survive and thrive. Plus, more importantly stay motivated. 


"We would love to help as many people and businesses as we can, but you need to tell us how we can help." says Michelle.


Business owners, friends and customers are encouraged to post their shout out on FEMALEHUB and spread the word.  They are also offering Free Advertising Space to the top 5 business posts. 


Anyone is welcome to join and post at FEMALEHUB Facebook group – but we ask that you are respectful of our values and of each other.


Let's save Australia business, jobs and our way of life.

To join the group, visit