First Country

First Country

First Country

The grand adventure of The West & Gilded Age America continues.....

As winter maintains its grip in March of 1885, the hunt for Loren Bodecker is on! In the aftermath of the maverick attacks, with tensions escalating, relationships begin to deepen, complicating the path of justice and the lives of all involved.

Marshal Dan Hummer deputises Sheriff Cliff Ryan into the US Marshals. Accompanied by Ben Taylor, they set off to the Mile High City in search of Bodecker and find themselves caught up in the city's gilded elite and its notorious demimonde.

Ben's passionate encounter with the beautiful and enigmatic Raina Montgomery will be a revelation.

And in Cheyenne, for Luke and Emmaline, the arrival of two utterly unexpected visitors changes everything – forever.

This third book in the Liberty & Property Legends saga begins where volume two Empire For Liberty Dangerous Lullaby Left off. In the risky business of procuring justice and searching for truth, First Country becomes an unforeseen adventure in how and what it means to be – and become – family.

Terri Sedmak is an historian and multi-published author. Since age 11, Terri was certain of two things: one, she wanted to be a writer; and two, she was intensely interested in American history. She has since combined these two passions to create The Liberty & Property Legends series, a saga which she describes as a grand and romantic adventure of The West and Gilded Age America, and which will span six volumes.

Her novels include the first three volumes of the series: Heartland – On the Side of Angels (2009), Empire For Liberty – Dangerous Lullaby (2011) and First Country – Tinged with Rose (2013). She also writes romance/mystery under another name.

Extensive travels in the US have allowed her to research in the locations where the saga is set and to walk in the footsteps of her characters. Terri is a member of Women Writing the West.

Terri is also a musician and a songwriter, and the mum of three beautiful human beings and one black moodle. She lives with her husband in Sydney, Australia, where she is always enthusiastically working on the next book in the series and other writing projects.

First Country
Vivid Publishing
Author: Terri Sedmak
ISBN: 9781925086195
RRP: $34.95

Interview with Terri Sedmak

Question: How would you describe First Country?

Terri Sedmak: First Country is a beautiful novel of love and adventure. It's about how relationships, both existing and deliciously unexpected, utterly complicate life and create this wonderful and unforeseen adventure. This is the third volume in The Liberty & Property Legends series; it's romantic and unpredictable, as well as full of top action and great characters, rich in meaning and atmosphere, in an exciting frontier-Gilded Age setting.

Question: What was your main motivation behind writing First Country?

Terri Sedmak: This series spans six novels. I know the ending down to the exact detail, in fact, to the final word. To get there I had to write First Country, with its romance and twisting plot, and theme of how and what it means to be and become family. In this book there are extraordinary bonds being forged between the characters that will see them through to the end. The stories within First Country are part of the Legends.

Question: How does it feel to have your writing style likened to Bryce Courtney?

Terri Sedmak: Considering Bryce Courtenay was a great writer, so successful and so loved, it is an inspiring thought.

Question: What do you enjoy most about writing books set in 19th century Wyoming?

Terri Sedmak: I love to escape to the Victorian age. The Victorians were brilliant people; there is a freeing sense that there's nothing people can't achieve. There is a lot remiss in their society that we are thankful for today, but it seems to me they began the modern age with their innovation and desire to progress in so many areas of life. I particularly like the sense of the struggle to do better. In Wyoming and The West in 1885, where First Country is set, there is a great struggle between the freedom of the frontier and the refinements and capitalism of the Gilded Age. Precisely what this writer wants: lots of conflict, a fascinating historical context, and the abiding sense of romance that this era holds in people's hearts.

Question: What's next for the Liberty & Property Legends series?

Terri Sedmak: It's onward and upward with volume four. Be prepared for some seriously jaw-dropping twists and even more heart-melting romance in this next book. The plan is for its release later this year. Full steam ahead and don't spare the horses.

Interview by Brooke Hunter