Finn and Puss

Finn and Puss

A tender tale that explores ethics and integrity.

Finn, a young boy, is lonely. Puss, a cat, is lost. Then Finn and Puss meet. Suddenly Finn isn't lonely anymore, and Puss seems quite happy to be with Finn too. So when Finn sees a -Lost' poster, put up by Puss's owners, he's faced with a tough decision. Will he do the right thing? This simple story, told in few words, touches on themes of hope, despair, loneliness and friendship. Above all, it gently explores how sometimes we need to make hard choices but that -doing the right thing' has its own rewards.

Robert Vescio is a fullā€time children's author whose aim is to enthuse and inspire children to read and write and leave them bursting with imaginative ideas.

Melissa Mackie enjoys drawing from everyday life to creating quirky new realities. Her favourite medium is gouache and watercolour on paper.

Finn and Puss
Exisle Publishing
Author: Robert Vescio
Illustrator: Melissa Mackie
RRP: $19.99