Finding The Fallen: Buried Alive
The trench detectives excavate the 'Regina Trench', uncovering a treasure trove of artefacts, including a German mess tin with a name scratched repeatedly on its sides.

The Wild West: Custer's Last Stand
The American Wild West has proved a fertile ground for stories of heroism and triumph over adversity. It was a time of notorious outlaws, gunfighters turned sheriffs and frontier justice.

Fear, Stress and Anger: The Job List
The Chadwicks are baby boomers for whom the boom has gone out of life. Martin Chadwick has been made redundant at the ad agency and wife Julie is in career stagnation at the local council. Martin's mother, Gran Chadwick keeps escaping from the nursing home and his 20-something daughters Lucy and Chloe are getting progressively more demanding and still won't leave home.

Jennifer Byrne Presents The Book Club
Jennifer Byrne Presents is a series of individual treats for lovers of books and writing. It features discussions with leading authors and investigations into the popularity of writing genres such as crime, sex and romance and fantasy.