Father Knows Less

Father Knows Less

'Dad, what does it feel like to be stabbed? What does 'sexy' mean? Are killer whales mean?'. Every parent has been faced with a barrage of difficult questions from their curious child. Wendell Jamieson, city editor of the New York Times and father of two, has set out to find the answers to these often impossible questions in Father Knows Less.

In his quest for answers, Wendell seeks out an array of experts, including an astronomer, a Buddhist monk, a bra fitter and a rocket scientist. He even tracks down magician David Blaine, who once submerged himself for 177 hours, for an explanation of why your skin wrinkles in water.

In searching for the true reason why the Beatles disbanded, he sends a letter to Yoko Ono, who responds 'Because they all grew up, wanted to do things their own way and they did'.

Father Knows Less is at once a heartwarming memoir and an almanac of surprising and sometimes hilarious answers, exploring the childlike curiosity that lives within us all.

This successful American book has been updated with Australian content, including 'What is a refugee?' (Julian Burnside, QC) Father Knows Less is essential reading for any parent and a perfect gift for Fathers' Day.

Wendell Jamieson:is a city editor for the New York Times and has worked in newspaper for 20 years. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife and has two children.


"Father Knows Less will surprise, amuse, and humble, reminding us how little we learnt when we stop asking 'Why'?" - The New York Times.

Father Knows Less
Hardie Grant Books
Author: Wendell Jamieson
RRP: $24.95