Family Guy: Season 12 DVD

Family Guy: Season 12 DVD

Family Guy: Season 12 DVD

Cast: Seth MacFarlane, Alex Borstein, Seth Green, Mila Kunis, Mike Henry
Creator: Seth MacFarlane
Genre: Comedy, Animation
Rated: MA

Go back to where it all began with Family Guy Season 12 on DVD from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. Featuring 23 all-new episodes, including scenes -too rude for TV' and over 3 hours of never-before-seen special features, Family Guy Season 12 promises hours of laughter featuring the most shocking, satirical and hilarious episodes to-date.

This season sees Peter endure another painful encounter with the angry Giant Chicken, Quagmire tries to get giggity with Meg, while Brian and Stewie travel back in time to the show's pilot episode.

Family Guy Season 12 is a side-splitting blast to the past packed with celebrity guest voices, including Cate Blanchett, Ricky Gervais, Ellen Page and Ryan Reynolds. As well as awesome bonus features, including a look back to the pilot episode with your favourite actors and Fishin' Around with hilariously clever guest star Ricky Gervais.

1. Lottery Fever
2. Seahorse Seashell Party
3. Screams Of Silence: The Story of Brenda Q
4. Stewie Goes For A Drive
5. Back To The Pilot
6. Thanksgiving
7. Amish Guy
8. Cool Hand Peter
9. Grumpy Old Man
10. Quagmire And Meg
11. The Blind Side

12. Livin' On A Prayer
13. Tom Tucker: The Man And His Dream
14. Be Careful What You Fish For
15. Burning Down The Bayit
16. Killer Queen
17. Forget-Me-Not
18. You Can't Do That On Television, Peter
19. Mr. And Mrs. Stewie
20. Leggo My Meg-O
21. Tea Peter
22. Family Guy View Mailer #2
23. Internal Affairs

Special Features:
Scene animatic from 'Seashore Seashell Party" with Slide-by-Slide Commentary
Looking Back to the Pilot
Full Episode Animatic from 'Back to the Pilot"
Fishin' Around With Ricky Gervais
Audio Outtakes With Ricky Gervais
Ron MacFarlane Reads Viewer Mail
Scene animatic from 'Family Guy Viewer Mail #2" with Side-by-Side Commentary
Never before seen 'Deleted Scenes"

Family Guy: Season 12


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