Endeavour Brewing Co Hits Minimum

Endeavour Brewing Co Hits Minimum

Australian brewery Endeavour Brewing Co. has hit the minimum investment of $305,000 from almost 400 investors in a matter of days making it the first ever successful brew raise in Australia.

The raise marks the first time everyday Aussies have had the chance to buy shares from as little as $100 in an award-winning local brewing company.

Shares are still available to purchase on leading Equity Crowdfunding platform Equitise until 13th February 2019.

Endeavour Brewing Co. kicked off its first Equity Crowdfunding campaign to fund aggressive expansion plans and move away from outsourcing the bulk of their beer production, by building their own world-class production brewery and wholesale manufacturing facility. Also planned is the opening of more Endeavour Brew Bars and investigating export opportunities to South East Asia and beyond.

Established eight years ago, proudly Australian and 100 per cent independent, Endeavour Brewing Co. began with the backing of three blokes and 35 mates, creating a community of beer lovers, before Equity Crowdfunding existed. With double digit growth year on year since inception, they have now sold over 6.7 million beers.

Endeavour Brewing Co. recently opened their first micro-brewery bar and restaurant in The Rocks Sydney in collaboration with Applejack Hospitality. Investors in the Equitise raise will have an Endeavour home base, where they can state claim as a shareholder in one of Sydney's leading tap rooms.

Warm, welcoming and inclusive, Endeavour brews beers that focus on Australian ingredients, embracing the flavours that Mother Nature provides each harvest. The result is a range of contemporary beers that are influenced by European malt flavours and the hop culture of North America, creating a one of a kind range that is balanced, elegant and sessionable with a distinct Australian style.

Founder and CEO, Ben Kooyman, was keenly awaiting the latest Equity Crowdfunding legislation to pass which lets proprietary companies raise from the crowd. Within days of the law passing, he'd jumped at the chance to accelerate his Equity Crowdfunding campaign, giving beer lovers the chance to invest in an Aussie beer company and brewhouse where they can enjoy and sample their investment.

Kooyman is thrilled to have new investors on board that are everyday Aussies that love beer.

"We hand-picked Equitise to do an Equity Crowdfunding campaign, not just because they're the best platform in Australia but because we both share the same ethos of building a company with the "crowd" of everyday Aussies who want to be a part of a company they care about, sharing in the profits if the company continues to do well.", says Kooyman.

"Instead of turning to traditional venture capitalists we want to open up shares in our business to create a community of fellow beer lovers and enthusiasts who can join us on this journey from a once small idea to now a leading Australian beer business," says Kooyman.

Founder and Managing Director of Equitise, Chris Gilbert says it was an instant yes after meeting the Endeavour Brewing Co. team.

"We're stoked to have Australia's first brew raise on the Equitise platform, it's great to see thriving small businesses turn to everyday Aussies to invest and become part of the business early on, standing to profit if the business continues to thrive. It lets people invest in what they love and be privy to exclusive perks and experiences, this is what Equity Crowdfunding is all about. And what's more Australian than owning part of a brewery?" he said.

Internationally brew raises have been some of the most successful equity crowdfunds, proving a brewery is a great business for this new way to invest. BrewDog's 'Equity for Punks' crowdfunding programme has now recruited almost 94,000 investors since its inception in 2009, and has raised in excess of AUD$100 million.

Their last raise, which was their fifth, secured £26.2 million (approx. AUD$46.2 million) from around 50,000 investors.

To invest head to: www.ownabrewery.com

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