Enbacci Candle & Diffuser

Enbacci Candle & Diffuser

Every plant consists of stem cells, but unlike humans, every plant cell has the potential to dedifferentiate itself and grow into an entirely new plant. This regenerative ability to self-renew has been of significant interest to Melbourne-based skincare company, Enbacci, who harvest and utilise fruit and plant based stem cells in their targeted range of skin and body care products. 

Enbacci's leading 3-step skincare system, Vitis Vinifera, contains the nourishing benefits of the purple grape and is scientifically proven to strengthen, shape and improve the structural and aesthetic integrity of human skin. During scientific studies prior to its release, the scent profile of the Vitis Vinifera range was shown to offer a number of sensory benefits to 96% of its users; evoking a sense of relaxation and familiarity, and elevating mood and general happiness.  

Collaborating with a local Melbourne fragrance house, Enbacci today enters the homewares market by releasing two home fragrance products, a hand-poured soy wax candle and scented oil diffuser, based on the Vitis Vinifera skincare range. Enhancing ambiance and mood, both products include notes of citrus fruits, green tea and bergamot, as well as Enbacci's exclusive Vitis Vinifera -happy' scent. 

Made with pure soy wax, Enbacci candles are hand poured by the Enbacci team in Melbourne. The premium soy wax used is produced through hydrogenating soya oil to create a wax. It is not blended with any other waxes or hardeners to alter its properties. The pure soy allows for an even burn pool and impressive scent throw.

Housed in a premium glass jar and silver lid to snuff out burning flames, each wick is coated in a special blend of priming wax to enhance and promote an even burn time use after use.

RRP: $65.00, 280g

Elegantly bottled and utilising rattan sticks to effectively disperse Enbacci's signature skincare scent, the scented diffuser merges pure notes of citrus, green tea and bergamot with specially blended diffuser oil to allow for a greater carry of fragrance throughout the home.

Based on the company's best selling 3-step skincare line, Vitis Vinifera, which harnesses the power of fruit stem cells to rejuvenate skin and improve its structural integrity and aesthetic qualities, the fresh scent evokes a sense of cleanliness and familiarity, creating an optimum ambiance in any room. Enbacci's black rattan sticks are porous in design so that the diffuser oil can be easily absorbed and released, thus allowing for maximum throw and fragrance delivery.
The Enbacci scented diffuser provides 4-6 months of home fragrance.

RRP: $55.00, 150ml

Available nationally via Enbacci's online store, and at their flagship store in Prahran, Melbourne.