Elsa & Fred DVD

Elsa & Fred DVD

Elsa & Fred DVD

Cast: Christopher Plummer Shirley MacLaine, Chris Noth, Marcia Gay Harden
Directors: Michael Radford, Anna Pavignano
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Rated: M
Running Time:

Starring Academy Award® Winners Christopher Plummer (A Beautiful Mind, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) and Shirley MacLaine (Downtown Abbey, Secret Life of Walter Mitty), alongside an impressive supporting cast Chris Noth (Law and Order, Sex and the City) and Marcia Gay Harden (Fifty Shades of Grey), Elsa &Fred is a beautiful romantic comedy that reminds us that we're never too old to change, to love or to follow our dreams.

After losing his wife, Fred (Plummer), resigns himself to waiting for the final curtain as his daughter moves him into a smaller apartment. There he meets his spirited neighbour, Elsa (MacLaine) who bursts into his life like a whirlwind, eager to show him that even though they may be at the end of the road, the time they have left is precious and should be lived to the full. The two embark on a journey together of late-life bliss, which is intertwined with Elsa's life long fantasy dream to re-enact the scene in -La Dolce Vita' in which Anita Ekberg and Marcello Mastroianni splash about in the Trevi Fountain in Rome.

As time goes on, Fred succumbs to Elsa's crazy, youthful outlook on life and her beautiful madness and this is how he learns to live. Upon him hearing some bad news, Fred sets out to try and do something amazing. Will he be able to pull himself out of his confused widowed state to give Elsa the dream she has lived for, the last 60 years?

Special Features:
Making of Elsa & Fred
Original theatrical trailer

Elsa & Fred
RRP: $34.95

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