Elegant Hire Photo Booth

Elegant Hire Photo Booth

Elegant Hire Photo Booth

Looking for a photo booth hire in Sydney...Let me tell you my experience with Elegant Hire.

Loud music, dancing, drinks flowing and dressed to the nines, it's always a fantastic night when there's a photo booth involved, especially when you're celebrating your birthday. I could see my guests eyes light up when they realised that there was a photo booth in the corner, it was the ultimate conversation starter. Friends who had never met before were having a great time together and it also proved to be a wonderful icebreaker for the shy ones.

The photo booth really set the scene of the night, whilst posing, pulling your best ugly face and trying to fit all of your friends in the photograph; it was a bit of a laugh. The green screen feature was amazing as we were able to choose a couple of images as the backdrop for a bit of variation.

The props made the night very entertaining, my mouth hurt from laughing so hard with my family and friends. Memories last forever when they're captured in a photo and I believe a party isn't complete without leaving your guests with something to take home. The printed photos were a beautiful memory to bring home and stick up on my wall full of photos to look back on.

It worked out well because a lot of friends arrived at different times due to work commitments so everyone was kept entertained and latecomers just joined in when they arrived and it was almost as if they were always there. My grandparents were excited that they were able to get involved and share the amusement. The photographs turned out really well and of course, we did a few silly ones, all framed in their living room keeping the memories alive.

Throughout the night as I mingled with everyone, I noticed that there was a constant line of friends waiting for their turn in the photo booth which reassured me that it was a total party hit.

The entertainment from the photo booth was not short lived as we often still reflect on the photo streams on Facebook and have a decent giggle.

When the party was over, the laughs started to wind down and it made me realise just how much entertainment the photo booth actually provided. It brought so much elegance and emotion to the party and to share that with family and friends on such a special occasion is something I will cherish.


It was an amazing experience and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. I cannot thank Elegant Hire enough for an unforgettable night; the photos are still up on my bedroom wall (and Facebook). It's not a party without a photo booth and I will definitely be booking you in for my wedding!