Dyson CSYSTM Task Lights

Dyson CSYSTM Task Lights

Dyson CSYSTM Task Lights

Conventional LED task lights can fail to protect their LEDs from heat. This can damage the LEDs' phosphorous coatings, degrading brightness and colour.

'Other designers have made attempts to cool LEDs. But it's not enough. The vast potential of this technology remained unrealised. We knew there had to be a better way."

Jake Dyson Light's CSYSTM task lights use Heat pipe technology to direct heat away from their LEDs, sustaining brightness for up to 144,000 hours*.

Key Features:

Warm white light: Heat pipe technology allows for 8 high-power LEDs to be positioned just 8mm apart, providing a powerful light output of 648 lux over 1m2.

Stays precisely where you need it: some conventional lights rely on springs and pivots to stay in position. But these can weaken over time and cause the light to droop. CSYSTM task lights use a counterweight pulley system inspired by the construction crane: it uses gravity, not tension, to remain in position.

3 Axis Glide™ motion: you can position the light exactly where you need with just the touch of a fingertip. The light moves vertically and horizontally along anti-friction bearings, and the weighted zinc alloy base rotates smoothly through 360°.

Precision dimming: touch-sensitive, continuous dimming makes the light suitable for many tasks. Built-in memory recalls your most recent light level setting.

Glare control: each LED is fixed in position and housed in a conical reflector to control glare.

No bulbs to change: CSYSTM task lights use high-power LEDs that stay bright for up to144,000 hours*.

Product Detail:

In the collection there are two freestanding models, the CSYS™ desk light (AU$850) and the CSYS™ floor light (AU$1,200), as well as the CSYS™ clamp light (AU$850) which attaches directly to a desk or table. The lights are available in Black/Silver and Black/Black, and additionally the desk variant comes in White/Silver.

The lights have a two year guarantee.


Availability: Dyson Australia at www.dyson.com.au and selected retailers.