Drink and Play Fruit Drink

Drink and Play Fruit Drink

Drink and Play Fruit Drink

To Infinity and Beyond!
Introducing the new and exciting Toy Story 3 Drink and Play Fruit Drink
A fun capsule toy included with every bottle.

Quench your child's thirst this summer with the delicious new and healthy "drink & play" fruit drink by Disney's Toy Story 3.

Free from preservatives and with real fruit juice, your child will enjoy the fresh taste, while being captivated by their own special collectable Toy Story 3 memento which comes with every bottle.

Sealed in mini-capsule embedded in the belly of the bottle, the 2D or 3D toy range includes one of Toy Story's favourite characters:
Buzz Lightyear
Bullseye or

The capsule contents may vary and may include either a mini-figurine or a 2D set of Toy Story 3 stickers, Toy Story 3 key ring and Toy Story 3 tattoo.

Toy Story 3 is one of the most successful movies for kids, so the appealing bottle design especially created for small hands will be a popular keepsake during the summer holidays - with the added benefit that the drink only contains only natural ingredients.

Kevin Koton, from Kool Kidz (Australia) says "drink & play" was launched in Europe in 2007 and currently sells in excess of 100 million bottles per year. We are launching with Toy Story 3 which will then be followed by Cars and Princess, in early 2012.

To guarantee the safety of your child, the Toy Story 3 "drink & play" is made at Disney's approved plants - a reassuring seal of quality.

The Toy Story 3 "drink & play" ticks all the right boxes:
Preservative Free
High Quality

Available in great tasting Apple/Pear and Grape/Strawberry flavours

Designed for children between the ages of 3 and 7, the new Toy Story 3 "drink & play" fruit drink will keep kids captivated every day!
Available at Woolworths stores nationally RRP $1.99
Stockists: (02) 9435 3611