Do NOT Open This Book

Do NOT Open This Book

Do NOT Open This Book

This guy will do anything for you not to open this book! Threats, bribes, reverse psychology – you name it! Young readers will love doing everything they're asked not to!

Do Not Open This Book was only ever meant to have one copy printed. Andy wrote it as a surprise for his sister and her husband to celebrate the 1st birthday of their son, George.

The story begins with the character surprised that, despite the name of the book, the reader has opened the cover. He asks the reader not to turn the next page. As the book goes on, the character becomes more and more desperate, begging, pleasing, threatening and sulking, before he finally reveals that if the reader reaches the final page, something terrible will happen!

Andy Lee is half of the comedy duo Hamish and Andy formed in 2003.

They currently host the radio program Hamish and Andy for the Drive Home, which airs nationally on the Hit Network.

They are most well known for their successful drive-time radio show, The Hamish & Andy Show and their smash-hit Nine Network series Hamish & Andy's Gap Year.

Do NOT Open This Book
Lake Press
Author: Andy Lee
ISBN: 9781760451486
RRP: $19.95