Ditch The Debt And Get Rich

Ditch The Debt And Get Rich

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted just about every Aussie. Some people managed to turn lemons into lemonade, while others managed to stay afloat by either raiding their super jar or pausing their debts. The pandemic has shown us the importance of being more proactive about our finances.

Ditch the Debt and Get Rich, by leading Australian finance commentator and author Effie Zahos, aims to help people take control of their money.

"It's not necessarily about having a ridiculous amount of wealth, it's all about enjoying a stress-free financial life." says Zahos.

"If you're fed up with just getting by and want to start thriving, then it's time to take action. A can-do attitude is just as important as the steps you take. Flip 'I'll never be able to make ends meet' to 'I can stop living from pay to pay'. Instead of saying 'I know nothing about shares,' tell yourself 'I can pick my own shares'. And turn 'I'll never be able to afford a home' into 'I can buy a home'."

• How to Master Your Money Mindset, and why identifying your money personality is important. Plus the marketing mind games to watch out for and how to overcome common fears of investing.
• A blueprint to help Get That Monkey Off Your Back, with tips on using a bare-bones budget to escape living from pay to pay and five debt-paying strategies put to the test.
• From buying a home or car and paying for holidays and renos, everything you need to know is covered in Tick Off Those Milestones.
• Why you need to Think Rich, Be Rich. The theory goes that when you want something, you put it out into the universe and you get back what you put out there. You'll find the strategies to pick your own shares and ETFs and how an investment property can cost less than a weekly takeaway coffee.
• Find out What You've Always Wanted to Know, with Effie's answers to the five most common questions she's received after 20-odd years.
• Plus practical tips, facts, figures and strategies to help you achieve your financial goals.

About the author:
Effie Zahos is one of Australia's leading personal finance commentators, with more than two decades of experience helping Aussies make the most of their money. A regular money expert on Channel 9's Today Show and on radio around Australia, Effie is also the author of The Great $20 Adventure, and A Real Girl's Guide to Money: From Converse to Louboutins. Effie was editor of Money magazine until 2019, having helped establish it in 1999, and is now Editor-at-Large at Canstar.

Effie sits on the board of directors for Ecstra, a not-for-profit organisation committed to building the financial capability of all Australians, and low-fee digital investing platform InvestSMART. Effie holds a Bachelor of Economics Degree from the University of Queensland. She is the proud mother of two children who are beginning to build on their own financial freedom.

Ditch The Debt And Get Rich
Author: Effie Zahos
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