Dino Time DVD

Dino Time DVD

Dino Time DVD

Cast: Melanie Griffith, Rob Schneider, Jane Lynch, William Baldwin, Stephen Baldwin
Directors: Yoon-suk Choi and John Kafka
Genre: Children's Animation
Rated: G
Running Time: 85 minutes

Dino Time uncovers the true meaning of fun, friendship and adventure in this children's animated film. With an all-star cast including the voices of Melanie Griffith, Rob Schneider, Jane Lynch, William Baldwin and Stephen Baldwin, Dino Time is sure to bring out the inner child in each and everyone.

In Dino Time, things aren't what they appear to be when dardevil Ernie, his sister Julia and best friend Max are playing in Max's father's workshop. They accidently trip a time-machine into operation and find themselves transported back in time 65 million year.

Not long after arriving in the acient prehistoric world, the friends meet a T-Rex dinosaur named Tyra and her dinosaur son Dodger, and are taken on an amazing adventure, exploring the lush prehistoric jungle. Little do they know about the conspiracy being made against them by Tyra's evil rivals. While back in the present day, Max's dad, Ernie and Julia's overprotective mum, are plotting their rescue.

In order to get home, the trio must find a power key to help free them from evil, before Tyra's rivals get there first.

Dino Time
RRP: $19.95