Diary Of A Lap-Dancer

Diary Of A Lap-Dancer

Diary Of A Lap-Dancer

-You admit you are curious - in a steamy kind of way. What goes on in this mysterious, sexual world? This book will satisfy that curiosity. It's fun, funny, and was written by someone who can honestly say, been there, done that, bought the t-shirt. We have a new bestseller on our hands!' - Jeff Lindsay, Bestselling Author And Creator Of -Dexter'

Diary Of A Lap-Dancer is a satirical and hilarious tale of life under the sexual spotlight, told with cutting wit by former exotic dancer, Sunshine Ross. A no-holds-barred account of Sunshine's adventures in exotica, this eye-popping exposé offers a fascinating glimpse into the salacious world of stripping.

For those who have ever secretly wondered who, why, what and how, Diary Of A Lap-Dancer reveals what kind of girl it takes to become a stripper, the reasoning behind their controversial career choice, and the alter-ego each dancer invents to better face public persecution, venomous co-workers, hostile misogyny and chauvinistic management. Not to mention the elephantine-thick skin required to deal with the nightly attendance of habitual freaks.

This raucous and racy ride delves deep into the relationship that strippers maintain with regular customers (usually in the manner of a well-seasoned con-artist), and, in a parallel universe, their real-life boyfriends. We learn the secret Stripper Laws and the rules of engagement with fellow dancers (keep your enemies close!), and are regaled with uproarious stories of sexual flamboyance, impromptu orgies, and what the US Navy really get up to on tour…

Sunshine's philosophies and observations are fuelled by a heady combination of vodka, ambition and a healthy dose of disdain, as she shares her story of a life lived like a naked rock-star - a life brimming with taboo, money and secrets. From riotous bucks parties in glamorous penthouses to the warped behaviour of globally famed celebrities, Sunshine Ross reveals an up-close, naughty and extremely personal view of a world you've always wanted to know about, but were too afraid to ask.

Diary Of A Lap-Dancer is your red-hot ticket to the sauciest show in town. So step inside, take a seat, keep your hands where we can see them, and read like nobody's watching…

Sunshine Ross is a writer from Melbourne residing in sunny Queensland, and while studying for her Bachelor of Arts, worked around the globe as an exotic dancer. After hanging up her heels and retiring as a part-time journalist, she finally got busy publishing her extraordinary diary as a novel. She now goes to bed at a reasonable hour, and is living happily away from the nightlife with her husband and a Chihuahua named Dexter – whom she swears she did not meet at a gentleman's club. The husband, not the Chihuahua.

Diary Of A Lap-Dancer
Sly Fox (an imprint of Ravenswood Publishing)
Author: Sunshine Ross
RRP: $29.99

Interview with Sunshine Ross

Question: Why did you write Diary Of A Lap-Dancer?

Sunshine Ross: The novel wasn't essentially written with the glorification of exotic dancers in mind, but rather as a platform for others who have made similar, less socially accepted choices. It seemed every memoir I'd ever read on any taboo industry or profession contained either a downtrodden, weakly justified and apologetic tone. It was important to write my book with a wholly unapologetic voice. Stripping isn't for everyone, and at times it was an extremely difficult career choice. However, not every brazen story requires an ending of repent. And so I wrote Diary as a celebration of a scrutinized life path, in hopes that individuals who have felt condemned by their past choices might voice pride in their own experiences.

Question: You've written this a pathway for more than just exotic dancers; can you explain how Diary Of A Lap-Dancer is for all audiences?

Sunshine Ross: Strangely enough, it was the general public that inspired me to write the novel in the first place. During the entire time I was dancing, there would be at least one night a week where a group of fascinated girls would enter the club for a peek. Once they felt comfortable with the strippers, a million questions were unleashed. I think people are both titillated and riveted by a profession that looks social judgement in the face and laughs. I think there is also plenty of interest in what it's truly like to work naked, and what type of girl it takes to do so.

Question: How does it feel to have Jeff Lindsay recommend your book?

Sunshine Ross: The novel wouldn't have actually come to life without his help in each step of its journey. I'm not only privileged enough to call the creator of an iconic character and T.V series my friend, but likewise lucky to have had him critique my book from the beginning. After reading a few chapters, he advised me on literary flow and points of interest, and declared that the story must be told. Jeff offered to write an introduction once the manuscript was complete. And in short, I feel truly blessed and awed to have that kind of support from a worldwide bestselling author.

Question: Can you talk us through how you found your way to being an exotic dancer?

Sunshine Ross: There wasn't really a dramatic or destitute story to spur my decision. Many people seem to assume strippers are either abused women, stupid, or on the poverty line. I've actually never been less than respected by anyone in my personal life, and was doing quite well in my role as marketing manager at, ironically enough, a strip club. So it was my surroundings, and a spur of the moment choice that inspired the move. I'd always felt trapped in an office environment, and felt myself withering in a 9-5 world. So really, the decision was one of non-conformity and listening to my spirit. Of course, it wasn't my soul telling me to prance around naked. But it certainly offered freedom, flexibility, and an abundance of money while musing my next path. It likewise offered a new wealth of knowledge. Strippers are often dismissed as unintelligent, when I'm afraid our only real crime is laziness - we want a lot of money, and not do a whole lot to get it. Yet the misogyny, blatant disrespect, mind games and every basic human shortcoming that is on full display at the clubs, helps a dancer to understand and decipher humanity in an assisting manner for their future.

Question: Can you share a couple of the 'Stripper Laws' with us?

Sunshine Ross: Oh dear. The most ridiculous and similarly serious laws, none to be taken lightly!

1) Do not approach another stripper's 'Regular'.
He is an individual who is there to see one girl alone, is often convinced he's in love with the girl in question, and is her primary source of income. (Usually good for $200-500 in one night). A stripper will come close to taking your eye out with nail scissors should you attempt to poach.

2) Do not approach the 'Clique' on your first night.
They are a band of alpha females, firm frenimies, and smell loneliness and need from a one stiletto pace. The Clique will associate with you once you've been deemed acceptable company. (This takes a week, or two at most).

3) Do not dare 'Undercut' in a lap-dance.
This lowers the asking price and urges the customers to bargain set fees. Undercutting will earn you a venomous dressing down from both management and the Clique, (who will most likely never aim a friendly glance in your direction again if you do so in your first week).

4) Do not touch your genitals during a naked dance.
Not only is it illegal in Australia, but it will likewise gain expectation from customers for every girl to follow suit. Plus, you'll provoke the Clique in such a seething manner, they'll probably make up a lie that you've been undercutting too.

Interview by Brooke Hunter


Diary Of A Lap-Dancer
Sly Fox (an imprint of Ravenswood Publishing)
Author: Sunshine Ross
RRP: $29.99

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Lauren rated "Diary Of A Lap-Dancer" 10/10 Stars on Femail.com.au. Not only is this hilarious to read, but it's a no holds barred, intelligent and empowering read for feminism. Don't be quick to judge what I've said, read if for yourself to understand what I mean! It's a dignified balancing act!


Amanda rated "Diary Of A Lap-Dancer" 10/10 Stars on Femail.com.au. Most entertaining candid book I've read in years! Hard to put down!