Delilah Rose Unleashes New LP Moxie

Delilah Rose Unleashes New LP Moxie

 New album of vintage yet modern rock & roll  
"A rollicking open road rocker, big voice too..." - Zan Rowe, Double J
"...bringing a new era of her music, doing all those wonderful rock and roll things..." - Taylah Strano, RTRFM
"...addictive brand of groove-laden sounds that are bringing the best aspects of 70s rock kicking and screaming into 2022." - Pilerats
"...such a captivating blend of punk, country and folk and I love it!" - Happy Mag


Following the release of singles Take The Wheel and Thin Black Line, the latter of which spent several weeks in the AMRAP metro charts including a stint at #1, Boorloo / Perth-based singer, songwriter, guitarist and performer Delilah Rose is ready to unveil her new album of 70s meets 2022 rock and roll goodness, with Moxie releasing on Thursday, September 15.


When it came to the name of the record, there really was no question with Moxie (noun: "force of character, determination or nerve"), as in order for this album to even exist, Rose was going to need Moxie - which as it turns out, she has in spades, managing not only to record and release the album (and the myriad of behind the scenes work involved), but to also craft an exciting and engaging full live show around the LP.

Across its ten tracks, Moxie sees Rose drawing on a wide range of inspirations from the world of 70s rock, fusing a range of genres and styles in a cohesive, complementary manner as the album's energy ebbs and flows. From slower, powerful ballads like I See You or the emotional Mumma, to the anthemic sounds of 100% Woman, or the rollicking, upper tempo energy of Jack's House. Album focus track Bitch Fizz, one of the faster ones on the album with its big angular guitar hooks and solos, pounding relentless drums and pummelling bass line, is the closest thing to a "title track" on the album and perhaps best sums up the record's themes with the repeated line "the girl's got moxie".

Produced by Noah Shilkin with Delilah on co-production duties, Moxie was recorded at Foxhole Studios with renowned engineer Chad Blondel. There was no choice when it came to the method to capture Delilah's sound and vision as accurately as possible - to record as live as possible and capture the magic, with all five girls in the room playing together and only minimal overdubs (lead guitar, vocals and all important tambourine) coming later. Bringing the recordings to life, Moxie was also mixed by the legendary veteran Shilkin and mastered by award-winning, go-to engineer, James Newhouse.


A key element of that 70s sound Delilah needed to complete Moxie was the Hammond Organ, an instrument implanted in Rose's brain since childhood as her dad used to play. After a wide ranging search to find just the right player, Canadian organist Marine Lacoste was approached, who loved the album, and can be heard providing her tones to a number of cuts on the LP. It would be remiss to talk about Moxie without mention of the American band Fanny, one of the first all-female rock groups to gain not only recognition but critical acclaim and commercial success in the early to mid 70s. The album's real genesis point in the musical mind of Rose was triggered by listening to Fanny's Ain't That Peculiar, leading to several years of creative energy, planning... and Moxie!

The album may be finished but this is only the start of the journey for Rose and Moxie, with a large inspiration behind the record being to create a unique and engaging album live show and tour, that's seen her spend the last few years writing as well as researching, really digging into not just her new sound but full aesthetic. The Moxie live show incorporates all manner of costumes, lighting, sound cues and more, including a tribute to Fanny, with Delilah starting every live show by dancing to Ain't That Peculiar. Keep your eyes peeled for Delilah playing at a venue near you, and in the meantime, it's time to get some Moxie!





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