Delicious Defense Smoothie

Delicious Defense Smoothie

Who said being healthy was boring? Make mum a smoothie that's as good as it looks, with this tropical wonder. Packed with vitamins like potassium and magnesium which are great for lowering blood sugar levels and blood pressure.

150 g pineapple
1 cucumber
Apple chunks
5 fresh mint leaves
50 ml coconut water
1 lime

Cut pineapples, cucumber and apples.
Put the ingredients in a blender.
Add the lime juice and coconut water.
Mix until smooth.
Get the kids to help decorate the smoothies with left over cucumber, apple slices or mint leaves.

Kid-Friendly Recipes So Mum Can Sit Back and Relax This Mother's Day

Mother's Day is a time where many Australians celebrate the special women in their lives, showering them with homemade cards, flowers, and gifts as tokens of appreciation. Mum gets to kick back, relax and be spoiled by the ones who love her most; and with the big day just around the corner, it's time to give mum the morning off and treat her to a breakfast she won't forget.

So, gather the kids and show off your family's skills in the kitchen with refreshing smoothies, hearty smoked salmon on toast, an energizing banana and avocado pudding or classic overnight oats (but don't forget to wash up!).

Beko is the main partner of one of the world's greatest football clubs, FC Barcelona, so we know what the best athletes in the world eat to help inspire healthy eating habits in families, giving the kids and Mum the energy to get through the special day.

Eat Like A Pro recipes are created and approved by FC Barcelona nutritionists so why not whip mum up a nutritiously delicious homecooked brekkie that satisfies her appetite as a token of appreciation?