Daniel Reeves Defined

Daniel Reeves Defined

Songwriting is all about putting your heart on your sleeve, and Melbourne singer-songwriter Daniel Reeves has done that and more in the stories of his new album, Defined.

Released January 29, the album debuted at No. 1 on the iTunes Country Albums Chart and No. 11 on the All Genres Albums Chart.

From the rocky Big Time Rodeo, to the softer Coming Home To You, and Don't Know Who I Can Trust, Defined is as personal and raw as it gets for Reeves.

"From a songwriter's point of view, the stories of these songs are close to me, and are about things I've experience, seen or heard through close friends and observations from media," he said.

"This is very much about people and the struggles and heartaches in life that we experience on our travels."

With two No. 1 singles already in the bag in the form of Into The Sun, and Don't Know Who I Can Trust, audiences continue to lap up Reeves' personal and relatable story songs.

Into the Sun is a lyrical tale of hope, loss and acceptance through life's relationship journeys, taking a look through the lens of love, spirit, courage and strength. It charts the experience of giving every part of you to make a love turned grey, shine again, with focus on finding the magical moments often hidden in a declining relationship.

However, Don't Know Who I Can Trust, is about the downfall of a relationship and a person's self-worth due to ideals held up on social media and details the journey of a relationship which falls prey to the demands of society's social influences.

The song explores the notion of self-confidence being eroded by the never-ending search for perfection, which is encouraged by social branding, unrealistic time frames and beliefs where someone's mind is overcome by anxiety to the point where it can no longer function in a state of self-love, belief and happiness.

The Melbourne singer-songwriter, who spent most of last year in lockdown, wants to encourage people to talk about their feelings and open up, through listening to his music.

Drummer Bruce Curnow, who played with platinum-selling band Kids In The Kitchen appears on Defined, along with Bruce Shepherdley and Chris Wheatley, with the album co-produced between Reeves and Mathew Gearing-Thomas who has worked with bands including Jet and Wolfmother. Reeves recorded Defined at Sound Park in Melbourne, which has seen the likes of Paul Kelly and Courtney Barnett through its doors.