Daily Holla Waves ft. J Fitz

Daily Holla Waves ft. J Fitz

Daily Holla Waves ft. J Fitz

Gold Coast Producer Daily Holla aka Harry Deadman has today released a brand new track with a complementing video. -Waves' is an emotionally charged piece of work with layers of dynamic production contrasts.

What started out as a chilled synth-based track has now become somewhat of an identifier for Daily Holla, and a beautiful mistake.

'-Waves' was the first track I wrote off what eventually became the second Daily Holla EP. I started writing the song back in mid 2015. It all started with a plastic sounding arp loop, which was initially meant to be a placeholder, but it's still there! I completely forgot about replacing it later on and I both love that silly mistake and hate it." - Daily Holla

Teaming up with newcomer J Fitz has given this melodic banger a juicy ambience that really enhances the delay and distortion effects of the overall song. This duo clearly has their mojo in sync as they continue to create a cohesive vision.

'I've never seen someone work like her. She came in and listened to a rough mix of the track, half an hour later the vocals were cut and we were eating some Vietnamese take away. I was so used to doing everything on my own in my bedroom that sitting in a studio in Sydney felt so surreal." - Daily Holla

Having studied film at university and loving the combination of music and film, Daily Holla brought his two passions together for -Waves'. Enlisting the help of former uni mate, and now film director/cinematographer Mark Desiatov, the video follows the struggles of ballet dancer Jade Moris, as she suffers through injuries and anxiety leading up to a final performance.

This short-film style video is the perfect way to show the strength and willpower it takes on both sides of the spectrum in creating a work that translates to an audience. The imagery is raw and will have you gasping for air, much like J Fitz's powerful ending.

Music Video: https://youtu.be/42foAU4inz4
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/dailyholla/waves-feat-j-fitz

'I've always wanted to mix the fluidity and timeless beauty of ballet with more of a modern and contemporary sound which I thought Harry (Daily Holla) has. The concept revolves around the lyrics and the idea of self-belief through adversity; a common theme that most people can connect with. I believe there's nothing more breathtaking than a live ballet or dance performance where the artist defies the pain and physical hardships throughout their routine; which is a reflection of the underlying theme of the clip," - Mark Desiatov

Daily Holla's upcoming EP has been shaped around -Waves' with the new track available now on Spotify & iTunes through Inertia Access.