Crafters Union In Session

Crafters Union In Session

Crafters Union launch 'In Session' – a range of lighter, low alcohol wines that don't compromise on taste.

Tapping into the growing trend of consumers moderating their alcohol consumption while still enjoying a glass of delicious wine, Crafters Union have introduced In Session in Australia - a range of unique, lighter style wines. Under the expanding Constellation Brands portfolio, the new Crafters Union In Session includes a Sauvignon Blanc (ABV* 9%), and a Pinot Gris and Rosé (ABV 9.5%), which is around 25% less alcohol than most standard wines. Globally, and in line with broader health and wellness movements, wine drinkers are actively seeking lower alcohol and lower calorie options that don't compromise on quality or flavour. Additionally, the number of moderate drinking occasions are increasing. In Australia alone, there are over 1.8 million premium wine drinkers likely to purchase lower alcohol wines, and one-third of these people either moderate or abstain from alcohol consumption on specific occasions.

Crafters Union winemakers David Edmonds and Brett Fullerton are spearheading the brand's new lower alcohol wine range. Commenting on In Session, David says, "New Zealand is the world's top producer of naturally lower-in-alcohol wines. Whether consumers want to limit their wine consumption due to health or lifestyle changes, or simply because they have occasions that require moderation – like an afternoon barbecue or a work function - Crafters Union In Session offers a delicious range of premium New Zealand wines to enjoy."

"A common perception is that all lower alcohol wines are poor quality and have less flavour, which is simply not true. The Crafters Union winemaking team take pride in producing lighter, full-flavoured wines that celebrate the renowned New Zealand Marlborough and Hawke's Bay regions. Sustainable viticulture and winemaking practices allow us to naturally reduce the amount of sugar, while still capturing the same varietal characteristics and vibrant flavours that full-strength Crafters Union wines are famous for," concludes David.

Crafters Union In Session wines are available in BWS and Dan Murphy's stores nationally for $20.00 (RRP).

Tasting Notes
Crafters Union In Session 2019 Hawke's Bay Pinot Gris
Crafters Union In Session Pinot Gris (9.5% ABV) offers sweet aromas of pear and nectarine with citrus characteristics of lemon and lime on the palate. The overall finish is clean and crisp, with a dry finish. Paired well with Asian fusion cuisine or enjoyed as an aperitif.
Available in BWS nationally for $20.00 (RRP)

Crafters Union In Session 2019 Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc
Crisp, mouth-watering and utterly delicious, the Crafters Union In Session Sauvignon Blanc (9% ABV) embodies flavours of gooseberry, citrus, and passionfruit. With hints of floral notes and citrusy aromas, this Sauvignon Blanc is matched well with all seafood and vegetable dishes.
Available in BWS nationally for $20.00 (RRP)

Crafters Union In Session 2019 Hawke's Bay Rosé
Enjoy a berry explosion with every sip of the Crafters Union In Session Rosé (9.5% ABV). Crisp and fresh, this wine has a delicately perfumed nose with strawberry and floral notes to complement its palate of classic berry flavours. Best enjoyed with summer salads, fish or a cheese platter for a superb flavour experience.
Available in BWS nationally for $20.00 (RRP)