CORAVIN Wine System

CORAVIN Wine System

CORAVIN Wine System

With just ten days to go until Father's Day, forget the usual quirky bottle openers or wine coolers, and spoil Dad with Coravin, the new US-designed cutting-edge wine system which lets him easily sample, pour and enjoy any wine – without committing to the entire bottle. In addition to the existing cork technology, the new Coravin Screw Cap technology, designed especially with the Australian market in mind, protects almost any wine from oxidation using Coravin's proprietary patented technology.


From sampling wines in his cellar to enjoying his treasured aged wine by the glass, Coravin eliminates the issue of saving special bottles for occasion drinking only, and allows Dad to taste and share a range of wines with friends and family with ease whether at a barbeque or a wine appreciation gala. Once accessed with Coravin, wine can continue to be stored and preserved as if it was never open.


With its user-friendly design, Coravin promises wine lovers industry-leading preservation thanks to proven technology – all housed in a lightweight, durable body with ergonomic, soft-touch handles – ensuring it's simple and comfortable to operate. A hit overseas with drinkers who enjoy exploring different regions and varieties of wine, Coravin gives Dad the freedom to drink what he wants, when he wants it, without compromising on taste, or producing waste.


Bound to be a hotter hit than last-minute socks and sweets this Father's Day, Coravin is a transformational technology Dad will treasure for years to come.


How Coravin Works for Screwcaps in Australia


Choose a fancied screwcap still wine.

Remove and discard existing screwcap.

Don't pour wine directly from the bottle.

Immediately replace with Coravin Screw Cap.

Push the hollow needle through Coravin Screw Cap.

Tilt as if the wine was being poured from an open bottle and make sure the wine is touching the Coravin Screw Cap. 

Press the trigger to inject inert argon gas

As the gas enters and pressurises the bottle, wine is forced out through the needle and into the glass via the spout.

After pouring, remove the needle, and the unique Coravin Screw Cap will re-seal.


Dad's wine hasn't been oxidised – leaving it fresh to enjoy for weeks and months. When Coravin's Screw Caps are used correctly, wine is protected from oxidation for up to three months. Coravin usage on standard corked bottles preserves the wine indefinitely – wine continues to age as if never opened.


What's On Offer in Australia and New Zealand?

Available in three different design models, the Coravin wine accessing system caters to different tastes and budgets.

Model One features a friendly, functional design and bright soft touch grips in a single blue and white colour (AU$339).  

Model Two with a new thin wall needle that pours 20% faster than the original delivers a modern look, in a dark graphite finish (AU$549).

Model Two Elite is the ultimate fusion of technology and luxury with impeccable style in unique colours like rose-gold, piano-black, red, gold, or silver, along with the thin wall needle (AU$559).


For the Australian market, Model One, Model Two and Model Two Elite will be available from the start, while the New Zealand market will welcome Model Two and Model Two Elite.


Who is behind it?

Greg Lambrecht, a nuclear engineering graduate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and wine lover, is the name behind Coravin, which was launched overseas in 2013 after a decade of development and testing.


Mr. Lambrecht is also Founder and Executive Director of Intrinsic Therapeutics, Inc, a venture-backed medical device company focused on addressing the needs of patients with spinal disorders. In addition, he is the founder and board member of Viacor, Inc., a start-up medical device company in the Boston area. He holds numerous patents in the fields of gynaecology, general surgery, cardiology, and orthopaedics.


As a fitting tribute to Father's Day, the Coravin story actually came to life when Mr. Lambrecht's wife was pregnant with their first child.


Where to find it?

Buy Online AU: Dan Murphys, Langtons, Chef's Hat, White Red Bubbles

Buy Online NZ: St Vincents Cave

Distribution Partner AU and NZ: Negociants AU

Find out where to get the Coravin wine system directly through the website.