Constance Hall Still A Queen Interview

Constance Hall Still A Queen Interview

Still A Queen

It has been a time of celebration following the birth of her fifth child, one of Australia's leading bloggers, radio host, designer and author, Constance Hall has now released her highly anticipated second book Still A Queen. Constance has a reach of over 6 million people a month, with her largest post reaching over 40 million people across social media platforms and in only just over two-years since launching her blog and debut self-published book, Like a Queen.

Dubbed as the Queen of honesty Still a Queen is the follow up memoir to her hugely successful debut which saw Constance credited as one of the highest selling authors of 2016.

Con shows no sign of holding back. With her raw, honest and emotional account of her life journey, she allows the reader to immerse themselves in her world. In true Constance style she adds her undeniable personality and humour as she recalls her stories, continually relaying the underlying message about the importance of supporting each other without passing judgement.

Still A Queen will appeal to her loyal fans and attract a broader audience. Whilst Constance continues to write about parenting and relationships, she also discusses larger issues such as body image issues, online bullying and the very real struggles fame has brought. There is also some useful advice on some of these topics with contributions from professionals included. Full of sometimes hilarious, and sometimes heart-breaking anecdotes, she also shares how she found true love with her new husband, Denim.

Constance is known for allowing her followers to be deeply involved in her life through completely unfiltered posts. Sharing unedited photos to boost herself and other women's self-worth, discussing size guides in clothing stores and the taboo struggles mum's experience daily. Constance Hall and her Queens have created an amazing community of women who are fighting loneliness, sexism, postnatal depression and body issues with love, kindness and humour.

International celebrities such as Ashton Kutcher regularly repost her blogs and love her approach to fellow parents, it is clear Constance is world-renowned for being the honest voice around parenting and sex.

Constance is also a lifelong member and ambassador of the charity Rafiki Mwema who support very young girls and boys in Kenya who have been sexually abused.

From the proceeds of her last book, Con has personally donated $170,000 and raised a further $200,000 with the help of her community.

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Interview with Constance Hall

Question: Congratulations on the birth of Raja; how are you both going?

Constance Hall: Raja and I are doing so well! It's hard to believe we aren't in a little world of our own and there are actually other people around; love bubble to the max!

Question: Thank you for posting the image of you alongside Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge – both of you looking gorgeous in red! What did you hope to achieve from this picture?

Constance Hall: The photo of me versus Kate was just intended to make women laugh; in hind sight everything we go through is pretty funny. And like with everything I do I think unifying women with laughter breaks down barriers. Sometimes you just need to stop taking yourself so seriously.

Question: What inspired you to write the follow-up to Like A Queen, Still A Queen?

Constance Hall: I had to write the second book because the timing was perfect. I've always wanted to write a book about the "ruined women" the one who doesn't fit into the mould because she's made decisions that society deemed "wrong" and better yet she isn't even ashamed of it.

At the time I wrote it I was being hailed Australia's worst woman because I wasn't following the rules, that fact alone gave me the fire in my belly to write the book.

Question: What do you hope Australian women take from Still A Queen?

Constance Hall: No matter who you are or what you do your place in the light is there, it's yours and you have to take it. There are no mistakes, you certainly haven't messed up your life and it definitely isn't too late for you. Less shame, more rock stars.

Question: Thank you for being such an honest voice – where do you find the inspiration to continually speak your truth to such a big audience?

Constance Hall: I always draw inspiration from different places, if it's a conversation with my Aunty, or someone like Hannah Gatsby who I'm totally girl crushing on, right now. English poet Kate Tempest has always inspired me. I was blessed with the gift of not really minding when everyone knows everything about me and the best way I can use that gift is to help other Queens feel less alone.

Question: What advice do you have to those of us, who question every decision we make?

Constance Hall: Relax, please relax. Just being here is such a blessing. The hardest things you go through become your areas of expertise; you can then use these gifts to help other women. Even questioning yourself isn't a mistake because it proves you care. Just be kind to you.

Question: Can you tell us about the charity Rafiki Mwema and why it's so important to you?

Constance Hall: Rafiki Mwema is a Kenyan charity, they have safe houses for Kenyan children where some have been sexually abused, and some neglected and kicked out for the stupidest reasons.

Without the amazing work that they do young girls just like our daughters would be in prostitution and young boys just like ours would still believe that nobody cares about them.

Rafiki show young children that someone cares; they approach the kids with such gentle and loving therapy and I believe in their work with my whole heart.

Question: What's next, for you?

Constance Hall: I love designing clothes, the colours and fabrics just make me so happy. I'll never stop writing - kids and teenager's fiction will probably be next. You may see a few more videos of my family and I floating around the internet... and who knows what else but it will definitely include all of the beautiful women who have supported me and my page and it will definitely include Rafiki Mwema.

Interview by Brooke Hunter