Confessions of a Brazilian Waxing Queen

Confessions of a Brazilian Waxing Queen

Confessions of a Brazilian Waxing Queen

With over 14 years in the beauty business, Svetlana Burckhardt has seen it all - the good, the bad, the downright frightening! Now, she's decided to share some of her favourite 'tales from the waxing table', plus her well-honed beauty tips in a gripping new book, 'Confessions of a Brazilian Waxing Queen'.

Squirm along and laugh out loud as Burckhardt heads below the belt to reveal what really goes on once the wax is warm. As Director of Sydney's EyebrowExperts and creator of the super-speedy 7 Minute Brazilian Wax, Burckhardt has been taming the brows and nether regions of an army of clued-in women (and some men) since opening the doors to her Woollahra studio in 2005.

A true expert in her field, Burckhardt discusses beauty treatments from top to toe, sharing her most memorable salon experiences, interspersed with tips and trends in eyebrow art, skincare, and how to look your best 'down there'. Light-hearted, educational and un-put-downable, 'Confessions of a Brazilian Waxing Queen' will strike a chord with women of all ages.

Svetlana Burckhardt is a qualified beauty therapist, make-up artist, personal stylist and celebrity eyebrow consultant. Growing up in a Muslim country, Burckhardt observed the beauty and grooming routines of the local women from a young age, and her passion for working with women in the beauty industry was born.

In 2005, she opened her highly successful EyebrowExperts salon. As Director and Chief Brow and Brazilian Artist, Burckhardt has a passion for eyebrows and waxing that borders on the obsessive.

With over fourteen years industry experience and an extremely loyal client base, she has developed a unique, highly personalised eyebrow service, along with the coveted 7 Minute Brazilian Wax. Svetlana resides in Sydney with her partner Jerry, new-born daughter, Angel Felicity, and gorgeous pug, Oscar Samson B. She will forever be dedicated to her family, friends and clients, and teaching that beauty truly does come from within.

Confessions of a Brazilian Waxing Queen
Author: Svetlana Burckhardt
Price: $29.99

Interview with Svetlana Burckhardt

Question: What inspired you to write Confessions of a Brazilian Waxing Queen?

Svetlana Burckhardt: I have been in the industry for a LONG time now and have seen some pretty interesting things! I have accumulated so many stories - funny, sad, inspiring; I had so much material that it seemed time to share it. No two days as a waxing and brow expert are ever the same! I also really wanted to share some of my beauty tips and hints with readers.

Question: What are your tips for hair removal, as the weather warms up?

Svetlana Burckhardt: Wax! It takes longer to grow back than shaving, and offers a smoother result, with less chance of horrible ingrown hairs. Start exfoliating regularly now - at least twice a week. Apply a moisturiser to the area after each shower to hydrate dry skin and prep for waxing. Keep hair trimmed to make your waxer's job easier.

Question: Can you share with us one of the tales from the waxing table?

Svetlana Burckhardt: You'll have to read the book! There was one sticky situation with a girl who came in for a brazilian wax when she had clearly been sunbathing naked...

Question: What are the current trends in eyebrow art?

Svetlana Burckhardt: Luckily for your hairier ladies, a fuller brow has been in vogue for quite some time now. It's about a natural, yet groomed look. The bleached out brow is also going strong; only a good look on fair haired ladies. In terms of hair removal, threading has had some publicity but it is not a method I favour. It is easy to remove too much hair and I have seen far too many thread-bare brows thanks to threading gone wrong.

Question: How does the shape of our eyebrows change the way our entire face looks?

Svetlana Burckhardt: Playing with brows can give the appearance of narrowing a broad nose, opening tired eyes and improving other facial 'flaws'. The correct brow shape, tailored to your individual features, can be as refreshing as a face lift.

Question: What inspired your passion for waxing and beauty?

Svetlana Burckhardt: I grew up in a Muslim country (Uzbekistan) where the women take a lot of pride in their appearance. I was fascinated by their beauty and skincare regimes, which they invest a lot of time and effort in. It is a very beauty-conscious culture and I grew up around these glamorous women. From an early age, I always knew I wanted to help make women look and feel beautiful.

Question: Do you have a website?

Svetlana Burckhardt: and

Interview by Brooke Hunter