Win a Hydragun

Win a Hydragun

Win a Hydragun for Father's Day valued at $399.00.


Father's Day is around the corner, and if you haven't bought a gift for Dad yet, not to worry -- you can win one right here on Female!

We're talking about the best gift you could ever give Dad, because it's one that would show him how much you truly care about his health and well-being: a Hydragun.

If you think about it, dads are always complaining about backaches, neck aches, muscle aches and what have you (seeing as they do so much around the house like fixing stuff, carrying their kids/grandkids on their backs, and being a silent superhero in general).

Those groans and grunts he makes when he's about to sit down, get up or bend over -- "dad noises" -- as we call them, are because of his aching body!

At the same time, dads will also most likely refuse a massage appointment at the spa because they'd much rather do the fixing themselves. Hence, a self-massage gun would definitely do the trick.

Plus, he might appreciate the fact that the Hydragun is quieter than a fridge so he can simultaneously watch his TV and get a massage done at the same time, uninterrupted, so give him a treat this Father's Day!

Here are some other key points about the Hydragun:

Powerful, quiet brushless motor with 6 speeds that go from comfortable to intense enough for powerlifters and pro athletes (3,200 RPM).

12mm amplitude for a penetrating deep-tissue massage, and 40lbs stall force to treat tighter areas.

3-6+ hours of battery life, about double the industry standard.

Runs at a smooth purr at 30-50dB, not a buzzy rattle (reviewers have said that it is quieter than even the Theragun Mini).

Ergonomic 99-degree handle to reduce dorsiflexion of the wrist during use, preventing wrist strain. Wrapped in a cushy, sweat-proof nanosilicone grip. At 1.04kg, just the right weight and heft to deliver solid pressure, without being too heavy. Practical, premium materials: aerospace- grade aluminium exterior is heat-dissipating, and noise- and vibration-dampening, so your hand doesn't go numb from the vibrations during use. The Hydragun and its attachments (all except the ball head) are also easily and fully sanitisable using standard alcohol wipes.

The Hydragun retails at A$399 and comes with fast, free shipping, and with the special FATHERSDAY20 discount, you can get A$20 off it!

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