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Top Five Tips to Spring Clean Your Diet with a Healthy Kitchen Makeover Bing Lee and Fitness Guru Ambassador Sam Wood give their kitchen hacks to get transform your diet and kitchen this spring As warmer days approach and we shake off the cobwebs of winter, one room in the house is usually begging for a little TLC"your kitchen. Spring is the ideal time to give your kitchen, the nourishment centre of your home, a solid once over to help set up your healthy habits. Bing Lee, together with their ambassador, health guru Sam Wood, have joined forces to create five top tips on how to spring clean your health, from using the latest appliances to simple kitchen hacks and nutritious recipes that the whole family will love.

As founder of Australia's number one home fitness and nutrition program 28 by Sam Wood, Sam explains, "Whether it be your desk, your inbox or your diet, a spring clean is a great way to regain focus and be more productive. I believe a healthy diet starts with a clean kitchen featuring great appliances (big and small), which makes planning and preparation that much easier. We're currently in the process of renovating our house and I can't wait to get in the new kitchen – it's the heart of the home!"

Here Sam and Bing Lee share five practical tips that can kick start you into a better lifestyle this spring;


1. Set yourself up for success

When kitting out the kitchen, a fridge is an essential that often takes a lot of consideration due to its size and ends up being a centralised notice board. More than a fridge, the Samsung Family Hub™ has a 408L/248L fridge/freezer capacity and with its multiple compartments and shelves, food management is super easy. From personalised recipe ideas or meal plans to ordering groceries delivered to your door, it's like your personal food concierge. You can also watch TV on the home screen, access apps on your smartphone or listen to music while spending time in the kitchen. Once you find the right fridge for you, having it well organised can save you space, reduce food wastage and ultimately saves money. Sam recommends, "Dedicate areas of your fridge to each food category such leftovers, dairy, meat, and grab-and-go snacks and create a system that works for you. This will help you to keep up on top of what you have and locate your food easier especially for fresh produce with shorter shelf lives."


2. Invest in new appliances

"Whether you're cooking for one or a large family, meal prep is one of the best ways to save time and eat healthier during the week and having the right kitchen tools is essential to help you get inspired to cook up a storm. One of my must haves is a NutriBullet; from making smoothies and juices to purees and dips, its versatility helps make meal prep easier and so much quicker" Sam explains.

The NutriBullet Select, is a little blender with big options. Equipped with versatile controls, nutrient extraction, and its redesigned easy-twist extractor blade, the compact NutriBullet is a great add to the kitchen.

3. Out with the old and in with the new

A total pantry overhaul is a great way to declutter your kitchen, start fresh and get rid of any out-of-date ingredients. It's also a good excuse to chuck out any unhealthy snacks and replace them with healthy staples that are not only long life but totally versatile. Sam suggests, "Stock up on the likes of quinoa, rice and tinned tuna that can be used in a number of recipes. Transfer your most-used foods into labelled jars or bottles as by removing the visual chaos of logos, it will make it easier to find what you're looking for."


4. Make friends with the freezer

While Sam is big on cooking with fresh and real ingredients, he explains, "Making the most of the freezer is essential for the time poor and is a great way to make sure you're still packing protein, fruit and vegies into your routine. For the ultimate breaky time saver, pre-prepare freezer bags with your smoothie contents so it's as easy as throwing them in the blender on the go. Freezing zucchini to blend in your morning smoothie is a sneaky trick my 28-crew love and trust me, you can't even taste it." With its 289L dual freezer storage, Bing Lee suggests the Westinghouse 702L Stainless steel FlexSpace French door refrigerator which allows you to arrange frozen items in a way that suits your lifestyle. Place smaller items such as ready to go freezer bags for breakfast in the top drawer and then larger pre-prepared meals can fill in the bottom drawer.


5. Try new recipes

Spring is a great time to get the whole family involved in trying new healthy and delicious recipes. Sam adds, "Create a weekly meal plan, visit your local markets to get all your fresh produce and have some fun in the kitchen. By doing this and falling in love with cooking again, this will make it easier to have the motivation to continue your health kick beyond spring. "One of my favourite dishes for the warmer months is my 20-minute Cob Salad, which is packed full of fresh produce with no hidden nasties and is a dish even the kids can help you whip up. Simply cook the chicken and bacon on a fry pan, whilst boiling the eggs in a pot on the stove. Arrange the salad ingredients and egg onto the plate and add in your chicken with the dressing" concludes Sam.

To reduce time in the kitchen, an induction hob is worthy of consideration and the Electrolux 90cm Induction Cooktop is the ultimate option. With an Auto warm-up function, 14 stage slide controls allowing you to heat up, down or switch off immediately and Hob2Hood which turns the rangehood on as soon as you start cooking, and intuitively adjusts the fan speed with your cooking, this cooktop gives you the freedom to effortlessly prepare all kinds of dishes.

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