Close Comfort Portable Air Conditioner

Close Comfort Portable Air Conditioner

Close Comfort - an Australian owned and based start up on a mission to keep Australians and our planet cool with environment-and-wallet-friendly personal cooling solutions.

The pandemic has transformed the way we work; most Australians workers are willing to keep working from home some days a week. Considering the heat in Australia, this summer, Australian households will use aircon more than ever, to keep cool. But with Australia undergoing its worst recession in a hundred years, and with the devastating bushfires from last summer still vivid in our memory, we could do without the hefty bills generated by energy-demanding and CO2 emitting traditional air conditioners both for our wallets and our planet.

Problems faced by Australians working from home:

  • hot weather, not optimal for being focused and productive at work;
  • home offices, when people have a dedicated space or room in their house, often do not have air conditioning;
  • higher electricity bills when using the aircon for the whole day - did you know Australians spent a collective AUD2 billion on aircon last yet? 
  • greater pollution when the aircon is left on for a whole day. 

Circling back to Close Comfort portable, efficient, sustainable and wallet-friendly cooling solutions invented by Professor James Trevelyan:

Why Australian households are adopting Close Comfort:

  • the Cool Focus can provide an optimal working temperature of 22°C;
  • it is wallet-friendly, reducing Australians electricity bills: Using just 300W of electricity, Cool Focus costs less than $1 a night to run, up to 75% lower than traditional portable air conditioners;
  • it is environmentally friendly;
  • it uses 80% fewer refrigerants than conventional air conditioners;
  • it emits 50% less CO2 than conventional air conditioners.

Close Comfort Cool Focus Portable Air Conditioner

RRP: $699



Close Comfort Portable Air Conditioners are the perfect solution to save energy, costs and arguments.  Not all houses and office spaces are created equal, but now you can tailor cooling in a new portable way to keep everyone happy. 

Whether it's your office / studio you need to cool down, or there's that one room in the house that overheats, the Close Comfort Portable Air Conditioner is fast, effective way to cool a space down fast. 

Maybe you have family of overheaters vs the "constantly cold" like mine, the Cool Focus  is a great option to stop the war.  It's also great for upstairs bedrooms and can safely run overnight, without causing that nagging tickle in the throat caused by ducted air conditioners.

A great investment, the Close Comfort Portable Air Conditioner is a welcome addition to households and offices.

Direct the airflow easily to maximise cool air in the area you need.