Couldnt Promise You Rain 4

Couldnt Promise You Rain 4

Clint Wilson can't promise us rain, but he has delivered on his promise of continuing to release heartfelt Aussie music. His latest release, 'Couldn't Promise You Rain #4', was co-written with Kevin Bennett as a tribute to all those Australians affected by the ongoing drought.

'I got the idea for the song on a flight to Brisbane,' says Wilson. 'I was looking out the window and I couldn't believe just how dry it was out there. I was imagining a couple struggling with the financial burden caused by drought.'

Written from a husband's perspective, the track riffs on the idea of how hard it is not to be able to give the people you love what they need. It was recorded in Wilson's home studio just before the country went into lockdown and the guys in the band produced the track themselves. It's a fantastic job on a track that really does hit so close to home.

Wilson also produced the video, which was shot on his uncle's farm in Gippsland. 'He showed me this old Massey Ferguson,' says Wilson, 'and it pretty much told the story itself – parts held together with electrical tape and cable ties, but getting the job done nevertheless.'

The release of 'Couldn't Promise You Rain #4' is yet another example of Wilson's strong storytelling ability that saw his previous album, Dark Water, rise to #2 on the iTunes Country Albums Chart. These talents have also seen him support acts like Kevin Bennett and the Flood and Andrew Swift, while working on developing his craft further, resulting in the upcoming release of his second album in July this year.