Clem Always Could

Clem Always Could

Clem Always Could

Sarah Watt is an award-winning Australian filmmaker who has been working as a writer, director and producer of animation for fifteen years. Using her extraordinary creative talents, Sarahs latest venture is the brilliant childrens picture book, Clem Always Could.

Clem can do a lot of things, but when it comes to swimming lessons, hes not so sure. Learning to swim is more daunting than he ever imagined and he doesnt want to get in the pool! Nothing can make him, even when his mum tries everything from reasoning to losing it!

Clems mum reminds him of all the things he can do and had to learn. She tells him he had tolearn how to put his pyjamas on and go to the toilet, but Clem shakes his head and says, Ialways could. Hes convinced these things just came naturally to him, until one day Clemfinds the confidence he needs to take that first step into the water...

With themes of confidence building, persistence and overcoming childhood fears (as well asthe benefits of listening to your mum!), Clem Always Could, is a humorous and touchinglook at growing up and childhood innocence with stunning illustrations.

About the author/illustrator
Sarah Watt is an award-winning Australian filmmaker who has been working as a writer,director and producer of animation for fifteen years. She lives in Melbourne with herhusband, actor William McInnes, and their two children. Sarahsacclaimed animation Small Treasures (1995) brought widespreadinternational attention, winning, amongst many awards, the Baby Lionfor Best Short Film at the Venice Film Festival that year. Local Dive andLiving with Happiness followed, both of which screened widely atfestivals and theatrically, winning many international and Australianawards. Sarahs hand-painted animated films are distinguished by hercomic exploration of personal states, set against lush Australianlandscapes, fully using her previous career as a painter and printmaker.Look Both Ways was Sarahs debut feature film. Unlike the short films,it is live action, interspersed with animated sequences. A critical andcommercial success in Australia, it has also won many awards and hasscreened widely internationally. It is currently used as a text on the VCE English list. ClemAlways Could is Sarahs first picture book.

Review: A story that every child and parent can relate to, that fills children with the courage to try.

Clem Always Could
Lothian Children's Books
Sarah Watt
ISBN: 9780734411150
RRP: $16.99