Claire Van Der Boom Pulse DVD Interview

Claire Van Der Boom Pulse DVD Interview

If You Were Given A Second Chance At Life, How Would You Use It?

Pulse DVD

Cast: Claire van der Boom, Andrea Demetriades, Arka Das
Creators: Mel Hill, Michael Miller, Kris Wyld
Genre: Drama
Rated: MA
Running Time: 453 minutes

If You Were Given A Second Chance At Life, How Would You Use It?

A high-flying financial analyst had it all, before failing kidneys landed her at death's door and a transplant offered her a second chance. Inspired by the man who saved her life, Frankie Bell (Claire van der Boom, Sisters of War) makes the drastic decision to become a doctor herself, working as a resident in the cardio-thoracic and renal wards of a major teaching hospital just eight years after her surgery.

Along with her colleagues, Lou (Andrea Demetriades, Janet King) and Tabb (Arka Das, Lion), Frankie struggles as she battles with the realities of working in an ailing medical system. But for Frankie especially, the hospital is a dangerous place. As a transplant recipient, she is vulnerable to infection and her compassion for her patients may endanger her own life.

A rollercoaster ride of personal triumph and tragedy, this intense medical drama series stars Owen Teale (Game of Thrones), Liam McIntyre (The Legend of Hercules), Susie Porter (Puberty Blues), Penny Cook (A Country Practice) and Renee Lim (Please Like Me).

The official soundtrack album Pulse: Music From the TV Series features songs by acclaimed Australian artists Taasha Coates, William Crighton, Davey Lane and Sara Storer. Includes the hero song from each episode, as well as the series' stunning theme song, -Caving' by Seavera. Album available on digital services through ABC Music.

Special Features:
Behind-the-Scenes Featurettes

RRP: $39.95

Interview with Claire Van Der Boom

Question: What originally attracted you to Pulse?

Claire Van Der Boom: An audition scene that involved Frankie losing her cool. Her moral beliefs won, over her staying in line with hospital protocol. The writers created a very flawed, passionate and complex woman who's trying to navigate life in a tricky environment.

Question: How would you describe your character, Frankie Bell?

Claire Van Der Boom: Gutsy. Vulnerable. Impatient. Kind.

Question: Were you able to relate to the character of Frankie Bell?

Claire Van Der Boom: Yes. Her resilience especially is something I'd like to believe I have a dose of.

Question: What was it like working with Andrea Demetriades and Arka Das?

Claire Van Der Boom: They are enormous fun. Witty and naughty and they bring their all when the camera roles. I adore them.

Question: What was the most difficult part about filming Pulse?

Claire Van Der Boom: The long filming hours take their toll for sure. Just trying to stay on top of it. I had to learn to use my time wisely. Driving to work I was learning lines. If I found a window to go for a run I was still learning lines.

Question: Can you share with us some of the best moments of being on set for Pulse?

Claire Van Der Boom: Our crew and cast all had good humor so it was a lot of fun rallying to get the medical jargon and procedures right.

Question: What do you miss about Australia now you live in LA?

Claire Van Der Boom: The pristine ocean.

Question: What inspired you to begin acting?

Claire Van Der Boom: I guess it boils down to storytelling. My mum placed huge importance on reading and was a vibrant storyteller when we were tiny. Maybe the passion started there? I love trying to understand what drives people, what makes them tick. I believe at its best good storytelling - like music and art - can change people's lives.

Interview by Brooke Hunter