Cate Bandel New York Fashion Interview

Cate Bandel New York Fashion Interview


Q. What is it like working in the heart of NY's garment district?
Nina Leonard: Exciting! There's so much hustle and bustle, people everywhere and a real variety of people. A great buzz.

Q. What are the top 5 winter trends for 2022?

Nina Leonard: Sweater dressing in NY, like our Amanda Charles range, which is very successful.
The trends are heading towards brighter solids, moving away a little from black and neutrals (although these still have an importance in a NY wardrobe). Sleeves have a more feminine shape, such as the balloon sleeve or shirring at the shoulder. Another trend is dressing up, more serious dressing, although comfort is key. Clothes must
look great, so you can wear them outside the home, and still look smart. Easy care and easy wear is our motto for all our products.
Structured, restrictive clothing is out, but the sharp look is still there. Pants with tailoring are very popular, but always with stretch for a great fit. Flexible on body and flexible to your
Blazers are in, and if you roll up the sleeves you can wear them with jeans and look really

Q. How was it taking on the rag trade during COVID?

Nina Leonard: The Nina Leonard Company is a large and successful business globally, and that includes our very important relationship with television shopping networks. During COVID we were still present in people's homes, across six countries. So in the end, the silver lining with COVID for us was that it was a wonderful time to communicate directly with the customer. They engaged with their emails to us and we felt we grew even closer to the customer. It was a unique opportunity that we embraced.

Q. TVSN fashion week is all about New York Style what is it about NY fashion that gives it
such a distinct flavour?

Nina Leonard: NY is a city full of diversity, short people, tall people, in an ever crowded place. They have to express themselves to stand out. It's fun to walk the streets and be seen. You can be equally as beautiful as a woman in your 70's, as a beautiful young lady in your 20's. Self-confident, fashionable and looking great, while being completely comfortable, is the key.

Q. How does the City itself inspire your designs?

Nina Leonard: Constant change. Lots of up's and down's. They say in NYC, if you don't like something, wait a minute, because it is sure to change. There's always construction, businesses coming and going. No empty spaces. Old places may go but new ones always come
      Cont. in. It's inspiring and it never sleeps! At the beginning of COVID, understandably things went quiet for a short while, but we were always revving to come back, and we have.

Q. What can TVSN customers look forward to from Nina Leonard this season?

Nina Leonard: Easy wear/care items, on trend fashion with great fit in all sizes. Can you believe we have been with TVSN seven years now?! We find it exciting to give your customers more diversity of products.
1. Nina Leonard Miracle Matte Jersey based classic clothing in wonderful colors, prints and silhouettes perfect for desk to destination, from day to evening.

2. EZ by Nina Leonard Our newest addition, this lounge to lunch range gives us great comfort, relaxed styling in trend right shapes.

3. Amanda Charles Head to toe knitwear. Perfect for when the temperature drops, and you want to be chic and cozy!

4. Hailey Lynn Youthfully inspired denim, gauze, novelty fabrics that are casual with great feminine details.

Q. How do women want to feel when wearing your latest collection?

Nina Leonard: Fabulous! Completely comfortable and totally confident.

Q. Are your collections designed with a certain kind of woman in mind? Who is she?

Nina Leonard: It's not her age, it's not her size, and it's distinctly about her attitude. She's active and always wants to look appropriate for what she's doing.

Q. Why is Nina Leonard unique?

Nina Leonard: One thing that is extremely unique about our brand is our prints. We purchase fine art from around the world and bring it back to our studios in NYC. There, we recolor the artwork back to our range, making it very easy for the customer to create looks with complete confidence.

Another unique feature is our broad appeal. We have such a large customer base globally. Mums, career women, older women all find the brands work for their lifestyle. It is our goal to reach most women who want to look and feel their very best.