Castle Hughes Interview

Castle Hughes Interview


In her notable ascent in the music scene, Australian music artist Castle Hughes introduces her newest piece, Why. The song melds folk and heartfelt pop, showcasing Castle's alluring voice, evocative melodies, and deep lyrics touching on loss, unity, and introspection.

The Western Australian tour de force has consistently showcased her unparalleled vocal prowess and soul-stirring lyricism, and Why stands as the pinnacle of this legacy.

Fresh off her laudatory recognition with the 2022 City of Stirling Best Youth Act WAM Award, Castle's meteoric journey began when she, at a mere sixteen, graced the music realm with Moving On. This debut resonated with critics and fans alike, earning a coveted nomination for the WAM Song of the Year Award in its age bracket.

The accolades didn't stop there; Castle's luminary talents propelled her to finalist standing in the UK Songwriting Contest and a semi-finalist spot in the 2021 WA Listen Up Music Songwriting Prize. Her triumph in the CALM Youth Week Songwriting Competition and nomination for the International Songwriting Awards - Teen category further accentuate her prodigious talent.

2022 amplified Castle's presence with the release of resonant tracks Fairplay and Warning, shows at the Rosemount Hotel with Claudia Tripp and celebrated appearances at the Indian Ocean Hotel and The Bird. Why will be launched at the Rosemount four5nine on the 28th of September 2023.

With Why, Castle Hughes marks a significant milestone in her flourishing career. Anticipate her continued rise as she consistently impresses and evolves in the music scene.


Castle Hughes Interview

How would you describe your music?


My music has been described as indi pop with a couple of my songs venturing into the pop-rock genre. I don't specifically intend to write my songs into one genre they just end up in whatever form and genre feels best for each individual song.


Can you tell us about your new Single?What was the inspiration?


Why is a deeply personal song for me. I wrote it earlier in 2023 after learning that my grandfather was diagnosed with cancer. I live with generalised anxiety and as I was driving across Australia with my family I started to spiral with thoughts of what-ifs? What happens if he dies? What happens if my parents die, my sister, my other grand parents, My Mr George!! People who are my rocks, who are the constants in my life, what would life be like without them? When I got home I started to go through home videos and photos of all the places and adventures we had been on together. So many beautiful, special memories, that connect us. Although he lives across the other side of the world, we have shared so many experiences together, Kakadu, Albany, London, Ireland. One of my favourite memories was hiking The Mourns on a misty cold afternoon. Walking with my dad and grandfather in the places that connected them growing up. These are memories that sit deep in my soul. I wrote Why as a way of processing my fear of losing those I love, those who have been with me my whole life and how I struggle to understand life can go on without them. My fear of losing them and the memories of our time together. I worked with my wonderfully supportive friend and talented producer Simon Groves from Artisan Music to bring this song to life. The incredible Kain Kardell is on guitar and the beautiful Shannen Murphy created the stunning backing vocals. Mastered by Steve Smart of the legendary Studio 301.


What are you musical influences?


I adore a variety of music, David Kushner and his incredible lyricism, Billie Eilish for her individual sound. As well as loving supporting my fellow West Australian Aritsts like Mia June, The Guillotines, Hazel and Adrian Dzvuke.


Do you prefer performing live or recording?


I love both! I love the freedom and creativity that comes from spending time within the studio! I love how inclusive and accepting the environment that Artisan Music provides, it's like working with my best friends and of course, I love being able to bring my fur baby along. Performing live is such a thrill, the connection I get to form with an audience and to see how impactful my music is to people first-hand is like so other!


What motivates you most when writing music?


When I first started writing music it was a form of therapy, a freedom of expression. Music was a way for me to process the emotions of whatever was happening in my life. Having released several songs now I'm starting to build a small following, more motivation is taken from knowing that my listeners can relate and personalise my story and music into their own. This in turn helps grow my confidence in knowing I have the support to keep releasing more music.


Which music/artists are you currently listening to?


Currently on repeat is, Stole the Show by Kygo, River by Tom Gregory and Delilah by Milkolas Josef.


What or who was your inspiration to go into the music industry?


My mum was my biggest inspiration! She has been a constant source of support and motivation to keep releasing music. She was the one who helped me release my first song back when I was 15!! 


If you could collaborate with another artist, who would it be?


LITERALLY ANYONE WHO WANTS TO!! I'd love to broaden my horizons and open doors to all areas of music! I'd love to release an album with every track being a collaboration between me and another artist! 


What is the biggest challenge you have faced in the music industry?


Learning how to finance everything myself!! It's a tough topic to vocalise but it's a topic that everyone within the industry has to deal with! As a 19 year old who's self-funding her entire music career it's been a scary process to navigate; what to pay your band members, how much should a song cost you, how much mastering costs, how much to expect to be paid for a gig, not pricing yourself out of the market but also needing enough to cover everyone involved plus yourself and making a profit. One of the biggest things I've learnt from this is that it just takes time. Building a reputation.


What's next, for you?


I've got to get back into the studio and record my first co-write with Rose Parker!! My Band and I will also be performing on Telethon, The WAM Scarborough beach party and hopefully a few more live performances I can announce on my socials later. So stay tuned!


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